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This week at REBOOT there were chocolate challenges then a short game of agree /disagree which led into our talk about how if we focus on the things we can't control, we will always think 'we can't'. When we focus on the things that are in our control, we will always think 'we can!' Some great examples were shared such as the Marvel writer Stan Lee- we are never too old to be successful (because 35 is old to a grade 6'er.) Or Evelyn Glennie, the deaf drummer/ percussionist who can feel the vibration even if she can't hear it. 


So, no matter the colour of our skin , our background or the weather- let's focus on the things we can control like our choices, if we practice something, control our temper, do the right thing.



No pics this week but we started back last Friday, and students enjoyed the magic sand and chess particularly. Thanks to Mr. A joining the fun.



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