Principal's Desk

From Mr Mati Azadzoi

Dear Parent/Guardian,


Congratulations to all of our award recipients for Week 1 and Week 2. Thank you firstly to all our teachers and parents for quickly settling back our students into routine and rigour. We are looking forward to another fabulous Term with lots of engagement and well-being activities set. 


We hope that our parents and students enjoyed reading their 'new' reports. If you have not yet accessed your child's school report or have trouble logging in please contact the school. On the whole, we have had a massive success with 90% of parent/guardians being able to view their child's report, which is terrific!


NAPLAN update


We would like to inform our school community that Grade 3 and 4 NAPLAN results have come out. We have also received our student 'Individual Report cards'. Please be patient as we post these out to families over next week. On the whole our Grade 3 students have achieved above similar school results for reading, writing and numeracy. Our Grade 5 students have also achieved above similar school results for Writing. This is a big success for our school community. The school continues to prioritise Numeracy across the school.




Our school participated last week in recognising NAIDOC. NAIDOC (National Aboriginal and Islanders Day Observance Committee) occurs annually in July, and celebrates the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC is celebrated not only in Indigenous communities, but by Australians all over the country and overseas. Our school joined other Cardinia schools and designed a 'letter' to form this years motto. Please check out our Facebook page for some awesome photos of our students work.



Prep Eco-friendly Warriors


A huge congratulation to our first Eco-friendly warriors who have committed to the ongoing cleaning of our school during recess and lunch. A big thanks goes to the following prep students:








Ms Augustus moves into Prep class


We would like to thank Ms Augustus for stepping into our Prep class for Term 3. Ms Augustus has made a smooth transition in and has created strong connections with the class. Well done Ms A!! 


Values Week


We have eagerly worked across all classes this week to build our new school values. Each class has been working on a select value each day. It has been a exciting task collecting student feedback, knowledge and ideas to create our school definitions of each value. We will publish our complete definitions soon.


Congratulations to Ms White


We would like to share with our community that Ms Bodhi has safely delivered her baby boy (Levi). We wish her all the best with her little new family!! Congratulations on behalf of OPS! Very exciting times ahead.


Term 3 Calendar 


Our Term 3 School Calendar has been published. Please keep your eye on key dates! See COMPASS or the 'Term 3 Events' page for more details.



Happy Birthday to our July Birthdays


July Staff Birthdays: 








July Student Birthdays:


00Amira M

00 Zain M

12 Ayla S

12 Chloe A

34 Taylor P

34 Izzy M

34 Taya G

34 Amelia A

34 Ezekiel R

34 Harrison S

56 Kody D

56 Harper M

56 Jamison G

56 Isabelle G

56 Isobel B