About Parallel Education

Parallel Education

Children learn differently and this is the basic premise under which we deliver our Year Five & Six curriculum at Black Rock Primary School. The content of our program is the same– the way in which it is delivered is geared to suit the specific learning styles of boys and girls. We combine for many activities across all learning areas, encouraging socialisation  and  cooperative learning.

Girls' Education

Research supports that girls in an all-girl class or school are:

- more self-confident

- have heightened career  aspirations

- develop broader interests

- are more willing to accept challenges

- engage in more leadership opportunities

- Able to embrace achievement in academics, the arts, and sports.

Boys' Education

We believe that boys learn best in an environment where  learning : 

- Is engaging, authentic and has an explicit purpose  

- Is hands-on and active (where boys are ‘doing’) 

- Is challenging at all levels 

- Is followed up with praise for a job well done, or excellent effort 

- Encourages goal setting, self monitoring and personal organisation skills.