Upcoming Events

Term 1

February 7th: House Swimming Trials

February 9th: Interschool Sport begins

February 16th: House Swimming Carnival

February 16th: Family Welcome Picnic and Disco

February 20th & 22nd: Parent Teacher Interviews

March 6th: District Swimming Carnival

March 6th & 7th: Whole School Photos

March 29th: Easter Bonnet Parade and final day of Term 1

March 30th: Good Friday—Public Holiday

Term 2

April 16th: Term 2 Begins

April 25th: Anzac Day

May 15th, 16th, 17th: NAPLAN

June 12th—15th Year 5 Camp

TBA: Family Life

TBA: House Cross Country

TBA: District Cross Country

TBA: Winter Interschool Sport begins

Term 3

July 16th: Term 3 Begins

August 22nd: House Athletics Carnival

September 11th: District Athletics Carnival


TBA: Bike Education program

Term 4

October 8th: Term 4 Begins

November 5th: Curriculum Day—Student Free Day

November 6th: Melbourne Cup

TBA Year 5/6 Social TBA: Year 5/6 Swimming Program