Year Five Homework

In setting homework for the Year 5’s we have taken into account the following:

  • The children need to become accustomed to managing a number of homework tasks including assignments within a given time frame.
  • By giving the children their week’s tasks at the commencement of the week they are given the responsibility to manage their time as effectively as possible. It also allows the children to maintain their extra curricular activities, which are so very important.
  • It is very important to look at the bigger educational picture. Your child has many years of study ahead of them. Numerous amounts of homework for the sake of homework at this stage can become demoralising for your child and can cause burn out.
  • A balanced lifestyle, even at an adolescent age is so important. The children have a very busy time at school so down time at home is very important. Just like adults, they can become stressed and wound up when overloaded.


Taking all of these factors into account, we believe we have established a manageable and useful homework program. Your child will complete weekly assigned tasks, along with a project each term. The homework tasks are a mixture of formalised and interactive tasks that revise concepts being covered in the grade to more open-ended tasks that certainly encourage imagination and creativity.


We encourage you to take an interest in the homework that your child is doing, help them to develop and maintain personal time management and organisational skills, whilst encouraging a love of learning and satisfaction of a job well done.


Students will be given a homework sheet each Monday, which will be placed into their homework book and will outline their weekly tasks.