In the event your child is away:

Going to school on time every day is the single most important part of your child’s education. Children learn new things at school every day – missing school puts them behind.

In the event that your child does need to be away, please take note of the following instructions outlining how to notify the school of their absence.

Full Day Absence

  • A key feature of the Compass App is that it allows parents to quickly and conveniently notify the school of your child’s absence. Notification via the app (or browser version of Compass) will automatically update the class roll and provide a  documented explanation of your child’s absence and is the school’s preferred method.
  • Alternatively, please phone 9598 2293 or send a note to enable us to document absences. Otherwise, absences will be recorded as ‘unexplained’ for DET records.
  • Parent approvals for absences can be entered using the app for any time period up to 28 days long and can be entered ahead of time or retrospectively – where possible, approvals should be entered prior to the absence occurring.
  • There is no need to change the default times of 8am – 5pm when reporting full-day absences.
  • A record of absences can be viewed in the browser version of Compass by clicking the ‘Profile (Attendance, Schedule, Reports)’ link on the Home page and selecting the ‘Attendance’ tab.
  • Lateness or leave during school hours for appointments etc., are reported via the V-Pass system on the iPads at the Office when you sign your child in/out - NOT via Compass!)

Late Arrivals

Sign your child in via V-Pass. Collect a Late Arrival pass from the Office for children arriving after 9.00am. These are then given to your child’s teacher.

Early Departures

Please report to the School Office to sign your child out via V-Pass and obtain an Early Departure pass form to be handed to your child’s teacher.