Round the classes 

Reception / Year 1: Mrs Measday 

We have been using our skills in different tasks for the last few weeks of the year. We have enjoyed reading the Pig the Pug books and then writing our own adventure for Pig. We also read UNO’s Garden and created our own creature to live there.

We are very busy making our costumes for the end of year performance. There has been lots of co-operation and help between the students and lots of sewing help from families. We want to thank them for that, as sewing is not a skill we have mastered yet, but glittering and designing is something we excel at. We are looking forward to being a part of the whole school performance and hope you can enjoy it too.


Reception / Year 1: Katie

Over the past two weeks we have been busy getting ready for the end of year concert. In maths we have started learning about data and have been making our own graphs. In literacy we have been continuing to work on our narrative stories. As part of our work in Design and Technologies we have been making things and learning how to write a brief procedure so that someone else can make our creation. As part of our work with the Kimochis we have been reflecting on the year and looking at things we have been proud of. Our class is super excited to have our wonderful Christmas tree up in our classroom and we notice our two little Elf visitors seem to be getting up to some mischief. 


Year 2/3 class: Stephen

This week we all enjoyed the second round of our Creative Journeys.  This involved visiting all the other classes in the school and to hear how students from those classes have been creative.  We saw a wide range of creativity, from art work to Sphero balls and to mosaic tiles.  



Year 2/3 class: Kelly

This fortnight we have been learning about how to record dates and identify special days on a calendar. We completed a persuasive task where the children had to persuade their audience on whether computers are better then board games or vice-versa.

We worked with Stephen's class on completing an information report. The children had to choose a country and research how the people celebrate Christmas.

We have been recording patterns and symmetry and the children made snow flakes and Christmas chains.


Year 4/5: Lizzie

Last week all students presented their HASS projects. Along with their presentations most students made a dish from their country. The class enjoyed a delicious feast of some unusual and different foods.

In design and technology we are making Lego scenes to make stop motion movies. This has been a lot of fun and students have used a lot of creativity.

Senior class: Sallie

We are desperately trying to finish up everything before the end of term. We have enjoyed listening to individual presentations on free choice topics.....I personally have learnt so much! We have been busy helping prepare for the end of year concert and it seems to be coming along nicely. Lots of students have been away doing high school transition visits ..which has been a bit daunting for some but we have all helped shape independent students so I am sure after the first week of high school they will be settled and confident.  Thank you to all parents for your support this year.  We have had a fabulous year and it seems like the end of an era! Merry Christmas. 



Last week our girls knockout tennis team of Jayda, Tegan, Jade and Taylah went to Tea Tree Gully for the SAPSASA knockout tennis finals. We played against 4 different teams. We didn’t win enough games to make the semi finals but played well. Miley was sick on the day so Jade had to fill in at the last minute. Thanks Jade. Thanks also to Mel Hunter who was our coach and driver. 


Science: Zac

The last two weeks in Science has involved a range of challenges for the 2-7 students using the Spheros. Students have worked with a partner to complete a range of problem tasks which require the Robot to follow a set circuit on the floor or construct a sequence of movements that started and finished in the same spot. Students used a range of problem solving and collaboration skills to complete tasks varying in difficulty. 


P/E: Zac

In PE, students have welcomed the warmer weather and enjoyed their time outside. The 4-7 students have spent time on the community courts playing tennis, while the R-3 students have enjoyed a range of games including bocce, throwing the vortex and class favourite games of 'skittles' and 'poison ball'. 


Indonesian: Ibu Susan 

We have been busy looking at how children live in different parts of Indonesia. Ilham lives in surburban Java and Lui lives in rural West Timor. It was a great learning experience to see and reflect on the similarities and differences between these 2 boys and us. We also started Christmas in Indonesia activities.


Gardening: Jo

The 4/5 students moved compost to add another layer of dirt on top of the potatoes. They filled up the wicking beds ready for the holidays.

Look out for broad beans, spinach, jam and lemons on the harvest table this week.