A message from Margie  

Creative Journey 

It was great to see all of the students visit each others' classrooms the past 2 Monday afternoons to see creativity in action. We called this our 'Creative Journey' around the school. In these photos you will see the students teaching one another about 'plugged' and 'unplugged' technology they have been learning about this term. We all enjoyed learning from one another and seeing such a wide range of creative skills on display! 

Green Screen technology
Green Screen technology

Special visitor 

It seems everyone wants to come and join our school! Last week we had this beautiful koala visiting our playground.  We are so lucky to learn, play and work amongst such lovely grounds. 

Uraidla Primary School Band 

Everyone enjoyed the final performance of our school band at assembly last week.  We will be sad to lose our talented musicians in Years 6 and 7 - Marley Hampton, Henry Arthur, Taylah and Tegan Hunter, Charlie Crabb, Eleanor Schroeter,  Emily Wildy and Zane Sheldrick.  Luckily we still have our 'continuers' in Years 5 and 6 next year, and we also have a large number of Year 4 students ready next year to begin instrumental lessons and build up the band once again. We'd like to thank  Sarah Butler for her great work in teaching lessons and conducting the band this year. I always think it is such a wonderful program and am so grateful for the Education Department for providing free instrumental lessons to our students.  If you would like your Year 4-6 child to have this opportunity next year, let me know or just ask for the forms at the front office! 

Thank you Tapanappa, Terre à Terre and DAOSA! 

We'd like to thank Tapanappa, Terre à Terre and DAOSA for raising $200 for our school at their recent Piccadilly Pick-a-Dozen Wine Sale. Thanks especially to  Reception student Thomas Abslom for his reportedly outstanding sales strategy! :) 

...and the Uraidla Hotel


We'd like to thank the Hotel for their kind support of our school again this year.  We are really fortunate to have such great neighbours. 

Timing of holidays for 2022 

If you are thinking of any extended holidays next year, it is worth considering the potential impact on the learning program. The expectation is that children will attend school every day of the school year, and I need to report on students' attendance to the Department for Education. I have been asked, 'Why do so many of your families take their holidays outside of the school holiday period?'. There are often legitimate reasons for taking extra holidays, and I have done this myself when my children were smaller, to visit their Canadian relatives. However, it cannot be denied that this has an impact, both academically and socially.  I certainly found this with my own children. Teachers can't be expected to make up extended blocks of work, which means that children sometimes miss important aspects of their learning and may fall behind in some areas.  Friendships can shift a bit too when students are gone for long periods. 


It may be worth considering whether you can take your holidays during the 12 or 13 weeks of school holidays, or if not, discussing with your child's teacher the best timing during term time. The beginning of the year, and the beginning of each school term, can sometimes be tricky to miss. School camps and excursions are really important to be part of, too.  I do understand that for some families there are limited times available due to work or other considerations, and that there can be great value and rich learning opportunities in extended travel with family! This is just a friendly reminder to give some thought in the early stages of your planning for 2022.  Please feel free to give me a ring to discuss at any time. 


We've really loved meeting our 24 new Reception students for next year and their parents, during our transition program the past 3 Wednesdays. They all seem ready and eager for Day 1 next year!  

Governing Council 2022

We had a successful AGM and final Governing Council meeting on Monday, and we have our full allocation of 14 GC members for 2022: 

Jacqui Staniford (Chair) 

Jess De Campo (Deputy Chair)

Todd Price (Secretary)

Emily Brodie-Tyrrell (Deputy Secretary)

Jo Cox (Treasurer) 

Brad Wilksch 

Agnes Arthur

Jodi Braley 

Tim Moore

James Sadler 

Elin Gubbin

Cristina Blefari

Alister Walsh 

Daniel Les 

I'd like to thank these parents for electing to take on this important responsibility for our school. 


I'd also like to thank Aerlie Wildy and Claire Schroeter who will both be stepping down at the end of the year, and acknowledge their contribution to Governing Council over many years.  We have valued your consideration and wisdom, and you will both be missed! 

Thank you Parents and Friends 

I had the pleasure of thanking our hard-working Parents and Friends group this week. Thank you to Kate Griffiths, Kate George, Prue Olsen, Amanda Preskett, Belinda Wauchope, Carrie Williamson, Hayley Baird, Lisa Bond, Seb Geers, Kylie Webb, Bec Daimol and Liv Moore and Jacqui Staniford (both back in 2022). We celebrated making over $4500 this year so far- a great effort in COVID times! 


All are very welcome to join us at our first meeting of the 2022 school year on Tuesday February 8, 6:30pm at the Uraidla Hotel. 

Staffing news and classes for 2022

We are really pleased that Samantha Irvine will be starting the year with us as a Year 1/2 teacher. Sam lives just up the road from the school and is a current school parent... for 1 more week when Lachlan graduates! Below is an introduction from Sam from those who may not know her yet; I know you will all make her feel welcome.  

Hello everyone! My name is Samantha Irvine. I am thrilled to be joining the wonderful team at Uraidla Primary School. I am passionate about teaching all subjects, though Literacy is my favourite! I have taught at St Peter’s College for 5 years and look forward to teaching in my local community next year. My top character strengths are ‘Kindness’ and ‘Creativity’ which I bring to my teaching practice. 


When I’m not at school, you can find me reading, cooking, coaching netball or spending time with my friends and family. I also love to take my fur-babies Willow and Zoey for walks and enjoy playing tennis with my family. 


I look forward to meeting some of you next Thursday and continuing to get to know you and your children in 2022. Please come and introduce yourself if you see me around Uraidla in the holidays. 


I can now announce our class teachers for 2022: 


Reception - Katie Martin

Year 1/2 - Samantha Irvine

Year 1/2 - Kelly Charlton

Year 3/4 - Stephen Tsiaprakas

Year 3/4 - Lizzie Kemp

Year 5/6 - Sallie Griffin 

Science and PE -Troy Welfare

Indonesian - Susan Lewis

The Arts - Suzie Tume 


On Wednesday you will receive your child's report in their school take home bag. For students in years 1-4, there will be a note inside the report envelope informing you and your child of their 2022 teacher, and they will have a chance to visit their new classroom and teacher the following morning. 

End of Year Performance

We are all busy getting ready for the End of Year performance. It's going to be brilliant!   


The performance starts at 6pm sharp next Tuesday December 7; students need to be here at 5:45 and report to their teacher at this time to get ready, unless otherwise directed (a few students need to come earlier for more elaborate preparations, but these parents will be informed by SeeSaw individually if this is the case). 


Due to COVID regulations we are limited to 2 individuals per family, in addition to the children performing. Babies and toddlers who can be on parents' laps do not need to be counted in your allocation of 2, however older children do. Please check in with the QR code or attendance record at the door, wear masks inside, and physically distance from other families. 


Please plan to bring along a picnic so that we can socialise as a school community after the Performance (BYO rug, food and drinks) and/or plan to buy $2 sausages for dinner at our P and F sausage sizzle. There will also be ice blocks for sale.  Please note that there is no limit on the numbers of people attending the outdoor event after the assembly, so although not all adults and siblings can view the concert, please welcome them to join us afterwards.  

End of Year Assembly 

On Friday next week we will have our final assembly for the year at 1.30.  Parents are welcome to attend, and to stay afterwards to farewell our graduating students and families. The Parents and Friends will be selling espresso coffee, tea and cake from the Galley.  Please remember that school finishes at 2.10.

Next week there will be a short final newsletter with a few photos and final arrangements for the end of this year and the start of the 2022 school year. I hope you all have a wonderful time at our end of year events next week!


I'll leave you with a festive story from Charlotte today. We're all getting into holiday mode at school this week! 


One day Santa came to Uraidla and visited my house to put the Christmas presents under the Christmas tree and after he went to the Uraidla Pub and had something to eat. Then he went to get his mail and he had a full letter box. Then he went to visit the school and played on the playground and went in to finish Katie's school work and then went to go deliver the rest of the Christmas presents.