Middle School Report

Middle School News

Creativity takes courage! Henri Matisse.  Creativity can come in different ways, from thinking outside the box when solving a problem, to designing something different. Often though we fall back into our old habits to feel safe and comfortable and maybe to achieve what we expect. This means that we miss the great moments and opportunities that will widen our perspectives on different things. Being creative gives ours students the opportunity to uncover Big Ideas or create an open mind that will eventually help our students in all aspects of their lives. 

On Wednesday a group finished a program that they started last year called the The Therapeutic Martial Arts Program. We had two groups last year do the program and the participants learnt many aspects both on their personal growth and their reactions towards others. The final part of the program is to break tiles of different strengths showing the focus and dedication of our students. Since the program was successful we have been asked to be part of CORE (MAT Program) initiative looking at the Social and Personal Capability perspective of the Curriculum. These will be beginning next Term.


"Bullying No Way" activities next week will be taking place in homerooms and at lunch-times.  We have had the opportunity to meet with the Home Group and Vice Captains, who will have a role to play in leading the different activities throughout the week.

Middle School Leaders

Meeting every week the students have been discussing and putting proposals forward for the  purchase of recycling garbage bins. After the eye opening STEM project - War on Waste last year, the students wanted to address the recycling issue at our school. For the sustainability aspect the group have been looking at placing bins around the locker bay areas.

Lachlan and Jasmine have been very helpful in meeting and greeting the tour groups as part of their role and this week they had the opportunity to speak with our Federal Member of Hotham , Claire O'Neil. 

Year 7

Last week the Clean Up Australia Day was postponed due to the weather, however on Wednesday this week all Year 7 students had the opportunity to help clean up our schools environment. The students separated and collected the rubbish. 


This week the Year 7 Home Group and Vice Captains were presented with their badges. Congratulations to all students with achieving this role. It was also fantastic that so many students nominated themselves across the classes. Elections were held.

Year 8 and 9

Last week the students had the opportunity to watch a Brainstorm Production - Flipside. This enabled our students to look inside a world where two actors showed how as students, the positive and negative uses of social media can have. It showed how when commenting and changing images others have put up, can have on other people's mental health and well being. Once things have been placed, words are said, even though it only lasts a certain time in some APP's, it could haunt the student for years to come.


Melissa Robinson

Middle School Leader