House Swimming & Diving Carnival


1st place               Jells                        1073 points

2nd place              Scott                      912 points

3rd place               Derrimut              854 points

4th place               Napier                  630 points


Age Group Champions

13 Yr Female                    Jessica Saunders               Scott

13 Yr Male                           Mitchell Plant                    Scott

14 Yr Female                     Jasmine Poole                   Napier

                                               Kara O’Gorman                 Jells

14 Yr Male                           Brady Thomassen            Scott

15 Yr Female                      Maddy Huckel                   Jells

15 Yr Male                           Blake Smith                        Jells

16 Yr Female                     Jessica Naylor                    Derrimut

                                               Imogen Wilson-Kells       Jells

16 Yr Male                          Brandon Nguyen               Napier

                                               Jake Sia                                 Derrimut

17 Yr Female                     Emily Fitzpatrick               Jells       

17 Yr Male                          Aidan Smith                        Jells

                                               Dennis Quach                    Scott

20 Yr Female                      Issy Jones                            Derrimut             

20 Yr Male                          Joshua Richardson           Derrimut                                                                             


Records Broken

15 Yr Male          200m Freestyle                 Brady Thomassen            2.18.50                 Scott

14 Yr Male          25m Backstroke               Brady Thomassen            16.14                     Scott

14 Yr Male          25m Freestyle                   Brady Thomassen            14.02                     Scott

14 Yr Male          25m Breaststroke            Brady Thomassen            17.34                     Scott

14 Yr Male          50m Backstroke               Brady Thomassen            34.36                     Scott

14 Yr Male          50m Freestyle                   Brady Thomassen            30.99                     Scott

14 Yr Male          50m Butterfly                    Brady Thomassen            33.01                     Scott

14 Yr Male          50m Breaststroke            Brady Thomassen            38.52                     Scott

15 Yr Male           4x50m Ind Medley          Brady Thomassen            2.38.27                  Scott

13 Yr Female      25m Freestyle                   Kristen Swartz                   17.65                     Derrimut

13 Yr Female      25m Breaststroke            Grace Alexander              25.03                     Napier

14 Yr Female      25m Breaststroke            Jasmine Poole                   20.25                    Napier

17 Yr Female      25m Freestyle                   Emily Fitzpatrick               15.83                    Jells

20 Yr Female      25m Freestyle                   Issy Jones                            16.24                     Derrimut

15 Yr Female      4x25m Freestyle Relay                                                   1.14.74                  Jells

Monash Division Swimming & Diving Championships


On the 28th of March, 53 students from yr7-12 went to Aquanation to compete in the Monash Division Swimming and Diving Championships. Wheelers Hill had a strong team and student participation was high. We had many wins throughout the day, with many students now advancing onto the Regional Competition. Every single student tried their best, whether that be in the swimming or the diving events. We had a successful day winning the first overall Aggregate Award and the Diving Shield for the second consecutive year.

The participation throughout the day was great with many students achieving some excellent results, particularly our divers. A big thanks in particular to Imogen Wilson-Kells, Kara O’Gorman, Dennis Quach, Hayden Jackson, Jasmine Poole and Brady Thomassen who filled in and swam in many difficult events.

Overall results of the day were:

Diving Championship – 1st place

Aggregate Swimming Championship – 1st place

Issy Jones, Emily Fitzpatrick & Connor Whyte - 2019 Swimming & Diving Captains


Ms Kerrie Lay & Sally Pryde

Sport Coordinators