My name is Michelle Galli and I am excited to be taking on the role of Numeracy Learning Specialist at Wheelers Hill Secondary. My previous 9 years teaching was at Emerald Secondary College. In that time, I had a variety of roles including Data Coordinator, Year 7 Coordinator, Wellbeing Coordinator, Maths Domain leader and Whole School Numeracy Leader.


The Numeracy Learning Specialist role at Wheeler’s Hill Secondary involves taking a strategic approach to Numeracy across the college in all curriculum areas. I am looking forward to working with the students, staff and wider community to improve Numeracy at the school. This is a different role from the Maths Domain Leader role that focuses on developing the Maths Curriculum at the school.


I have developed a plan which will involve leading a Numeracy Data Improvement Team to focus on a whole school approach improving numeracy across the college. Details of this are below.


The Wheelers Hill Secondary Whole School Approach to Numeracy involves:

  • Leading a Numeracy Professional Learning Day on 12th March with staff exploring how numeracy strategies can be embedded in the classrooms of each Domain
  • Providing Professional Learning for Mathematics Staff on a new approach to teaching Mathematics that involves embedding a rich curriculum with lots of opportunities for students to develop and strengthen their problem solving and reasoning skills
  • Introducing Quicksmart Numeracy to the school which is a Mathematics Intervention Program to help students develop automaticity and fluency in their basic mathematics operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
  • Working with a small group of Year 12 Further Maths students to develop strategies for the students to use to solve the most difficult questions in past exams to achieve a higher study score
  • Developing a Numeracy Partnership with a feeder Primary School


I look  forward to communicating with you regularly to keep you updated on the Numeracy Journey at Wheelers Hill Secondary.


Michelle Galli

Numeracy Learning Specialist