On Wednesday 6th March our year 10 students attended a motivational presentation in the Library where they got to hear from Nathan Hulls.

Nathan Hulls is a high school motivational speaker who has been engaging, inspiring and empowering students, teachers, youth workers and parents across Australia for the past 19 years. Through his research into positive psychology, social + emotional intelligence, resilience and motivational theory Nathan has designed and runs seminars that engage and strengthen the whole school community.

Nathan’s presentation today was engaging and entertaining and his story of how he overcame adversity and his disability at a young age to follow his dreams was inspiring. There was a great vibe in the room with our students really connecting with Nathan and what he had to say.

“Choosing how you show up everyday determines the results you follow”, was a very powerful statement that Nathan made. He mentioned that we all have a blank page at the start of everyday and that we don’t have to copy or accept what has happened to us in the past, but rather, look at re-writing our story! He challenged students to think about how they want the rest of their life story to go and empowered them to believe that they can hit the ‘reset’ button!

The three key elements that Nathan believes assists with increasing motivation includes –

1. Knowing yourself – Who am I? Not what other people want me to be or think I am

2. Be Your Best – the best you can be, take responsibility for your results, ask, how can I be better than yesterday?

3. Make the world a better place – life has a strange way of giving us back what we give out, find your purpose

There were some great questions form students at the end of Nathan’s presentation which indicated a real connection with what had been presented. We hope that all students felt a little bit more inspired walking away from today’s presentation but as Nathan stated, “motivation is like deodorant, you need it every day”.


Voula Jakubicki

Careers Coordinator