Real Schools

Warrnambool Primary School is in partnership with Real schools over a three-year period to establish a restorative practice culture. Sheila Bollard visited the school on Monday night to present an overview of restorative practice to parents. It was great to share a sausage and learn about how this cultural shift will enable students to enter into healthy conflict resolution and take responsibility for their actions. Throughout this partnership there will be more opportunities for parents to learn about Restorative Practice, through presentations, articles and webinars.

Positive People @ Jamo

This term we have been focusing on gender and identity as well as positive gender relations. Research shows that children become aware of gender norms at an early age.  For example, insisting that some games are for boys and others are for girls.  Students are involved in activities that challenge stereotypes, to value and show respect for diversity and differences, and learn how to apply these attitudes within positive gender relationships.