Education Week

Education Week 2022 is May 23-27. Miners Rest K-6 will be adopting the state-wide theme of "150 Years of Public Education". To celebrate this milestone, students will be learning about the history of Miners Rest Primary School, early education in Australia and comparing their lives; then and now. We will be conducting sessions where older students will be teaching the younger students some games from yester-year. You know, the games we all played at school and even grandparents and great grandparents.

Students will also be invited to dress up in costume from an era in time on Monday May 23. Teachers will discuss options and ideas with students well beforehand. Costumes do not need to be elaborate or costly. A beret, necktie and overalls for boys, a party dress for girls or a disco type costume from the 70’s or 80’s- even a mullet (wig) for the boys if dressing from that era!!! See below photos for some ideas!

There will be an assembly beginning at approximately 9.10 am and students will have the chance to show off their costumes through a parade. Parents are most welcome to attend this event. There should be lots of great photo opportunities!!

The school would love to hear from any family or community members with a strong knowledge of the history of Miners Rest to support the development of lessons to be delivered during this special time. We would also appreciate any past students of Miners Rest Primary School who would be prepared to speak at the assembly about their time at the school.

If you can help in any way, please contact the school office.