Principal's Update 

Hi everyone,


Winter has certainly arrived in full with the cold weather we have experienced this week. We are seeing students turn up each morning with no jacket or jumper on, it is too cold for this, and we are asking parents to ensure their child is dressed warmly for the day. 


Breakfast Club continues to operate each morning, from the canteen, and students have been enjoying their toast.  Thank you to Jess Bruce and her group of students helpers who make this happen for our students. We would also like to thank Cobram Bakery for their donation of bread each week which allows us to run our breakfast club. 


School Drop Off and Pick Up


Would parents please observe the parking signs outside the school. Please note that the 4 parking spaces, on the school side of the road, between the crossing and the bus gate are Stop and Drop ONLY and parking for any length of time is not allowed. The parking regulations are in place for the safety of our students and is monitored by the council and police. Visibility for our Bus Drivers entering and exiting the school is obstructed when cars are blocking their pathway.


There have also been a number of safety concerns raised, by bus drivers, parents, community members and staff, about pedestrians. There have been too many incidences of people using the bus gate to enter and exit the school grounds, people not looking prior to crossing the bus entry and people crossing William Street without using the designated school crossing. 


Due to these safety concerns all pedestrians, including parents and students, must enter and exit the school grounds at the pedestrian gate closer to the crossing.  We are asking parents to not congregate on the footpath outside the gates and DO NOT ENTER the school grounds via the bus entry. Students crossing William Street MUSTcross the road at the school crossing, parents are not to walk them across at other spots.


Please assist us in creating a safe environment for our students.


Reading at night 


At CPS, while we don’t have formalised homework for students to do each night, it’s important that parents/guardians find some time to read for 10 minutes each day with their child. This is a chance to put away your devices and enjoy some one on one time with your child after a busy day. You don’t have to give feedback or teach, it can be just for pure enjoyment. The cognitive skills this brings can be very powerful and can make a huge difference to your child’s literacy development. As well as this, it gives parents a chance to connect with their child away from the constant distractions that our busy lives bring. 




Every Minute Matters At Cobram (Primary School).  It’s SO important that students attend school.  Even missing a day a week can lead to students missing out on valuable learning time.


I urge all parents to be sure to send their children to school even when it’s difficult. Unless your child is genuinely sick – they should be at school! If your child is unwell please inform the school via phone or by adding an attendance note to Compass with an explanation. 


I want to also take this chance to congratulate those parents who are sending their children every day (or as close to as possible).  I know that sometimes this can be challenging, but YOU manage to make this happen.  YOU are making a huge difference in your child’s life by doing so! Keep it up!


Hope everyone has a great week!


Claye Runnalls