Sub School News

Sub School News

Year 7:

Dear Parents and Carers of Year 7 students, 

Welcome to Lyndhurst Secondary College and welcome to Year 7.  My name is Harry Potter (unfortunate I know!) and I am the Year 7 coordinator.  Along with Lisa Williams (Y7 team leader / transition) it is my / our responsibility to ensure the Year 7 students feel welcome, safe, and ready to learn whilst at school.  I have been extremely impressed and happy with the new students in their first week at high school as they completed a comprehensive orientation program and moved into normal lessons.  They have displayed maturity and resilience and have settled in nicely to Lyndhurst life.  All students have received a timetable, a compass log in, access to Microsoft Office and a locker to keep their belongings in during the day.  They have all met their teachers for different lessons and hopefully have made some new connections and new friends.  I'm excited for the year ahead and if you have any questions or wish to contact me for any reason please feel free to phone the school or email me at

This is a busy term and there are a few key dates that the year 7's need to be aware of:

  • 15th - 17th February - Year 7 camp at King Lake.
  • 22nd February - Year 7 Vaccinations
  • 5th March - Swimming Carnival

All students attending camp will have received final communications from me.  If your child isn't attending camp then they are still required to attend school as normal lessons will continue.

If you have any questions regarding school, uniform or any upcoming events please don't hesitate to contact, Harry Potter on 5996 0144.

Year 9:

Welcome back to another school year. It was so wonderful to see all the Year 9 faces after such an unusual year last year. Students have returned with positivity, enthusiasm and optimism about the year ahead. The Year 9 Sub School will be managed by Jacqui Sampson and Adam Verrell. For the first time, since starting secondary school, Year 9 students were able to select electives. This included sports, technology and arts based subjects. If there are any concerns regarding your child’s electives, please speak with the Sub School.

2021 also welcomes a change to the day’s structure. Students now start school at 9am and have 5 x one hour periods a day. Their day will still end at 3pm. As we are in Term One, students should be in full summer uniform. This means female students have the option of wearing the College dress, or the school t-shirt and shorts. Male students can wear the school t-shirt and shorts. Students should all be wearing plain socks and black t-bar or leather lace up shoes. Runners are ONLY permitted with the sports uniform which consists of the College sports polo and shorts or track suit pants (with the Lyndhurst logo). Please call the Sub School if you require any assistance purchasing school uniform.


Every Monday, students will have an assembly. This could be a whole school or year level assembly. On the 22nd February, Australian all round women’s cricketer, Bhavi Devchand, will be speaking to the Year 9 students during our Sub School Assembly, and on the 1st March, Australian Olympian Peter Bol will be speaking about his experiences as an Australian refugee and track and field star! This will be a great experience for our students where they will learn about hard work, persistence and determination.










School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) is a framework that promotes positive behaviours. Lyndhurst Secondary College uses the framework by; modelling and teaching positive behaviours, explicitly and incidentally teaching expected behaviours, and rewarding students for using our College values and displaying positive behaviours in the school. 

When students at the College display positive behaviours, staff members can acknowledge students through Compass. When this occurs, parents/carers and students will receive a notification and students will be awarded a point. As points accumulate, students can purchase different items from the SWPBS shop.

If you would like any further information about SWPBS or the Acknowledgement System, please contact Jacqui Sampson on 5996 0144.

Senior  School

Senior School

Welcome to the 2021 school year. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break with family and friends and look forward to a positive year ahead. We have had a smooth start to the year, with our year 12 students commencing Friday 29th January and then the remaining Senior School students returning on Monday 1st February.

The Senior School Team has had a few changes since last year. The first being the change to a vertical system which now includes our Year 10 students under the Senior School umbrella. This now means the Senior School Team is Mr Anthony Brannan – Senior School Sub School Leader, Ms Susan Caroll – VCAL Leader, Mr Darren Tuite – VCE + Pre VCE Team Leader and Mr Geordie Atkin – VCAL + Pre VCAL Team Leader.

I would also like to introduce myself, Mr Scott Rumble, as the newly appointed Assistant Principal overseeing the Senior School here at Lyndhurst Secondary College. I am very excited to be working with you all throughout this year, ensuring to develop a school community focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for all of our students. You have all had to overcome an incredibly difficult and unprecedented year in 2020 and we look forward to ensuring this year all students are supported and are given every opportunity to have a highly successful year.

The school year has been in full swing with our year 10 VCAL students going to camp at the You Yangs and Brisbane Ranges and our year 11 VCAL have their camp on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th February. We strongly encourage all students to attend this camp as it helps to develop peer and teacher relationships and provides the students with new experiences. Written consent and medical forms have been handed out and are needed to be returned to the office, in order for your student to attend the camp.

Our VCE students have all settled smoothly back into classes and it has been pleasing to see the amount of students utilising their time both in and out of the class room to ensure they start the year with the most opportunity for success.

Please remember that Thursday Feb 18th we have our Senior School Information Night. Where we will be providing an information session for parents/carers of students who are currently completing year 12. All VCE senior students are expected to attend. More information on this night will be given throughout this week via Compass. This session will provide parents/carers + students an opportunity to:

a. Gain a better understanding of VCE, including how Study Scores and ATAR results are compiled.

b. Understand expectations of senior students at Lyndhurst Secondary College and what they will need to do to achieve excellent results.

c. Understand the highs and lows of senior school

d. Understand homework and study expectations

e. Understand our college’s Senior School Policies

f. How to best support your child in during their final years of schooling

As a college we were excited and proud to announce Aleiah Campang and Luke Galpin for being awarded the Year 10 and 11 Dux of 2020 respectfully at the whole school assembly on Monday 8th February. Congratulations to both students on this achievement, you both should be highly commended on your academic achievement, work effort and resilience over the 2020 year.

Finally, I just wanted to remind you all that 2021 also welcomes a change to the day’s structure. With school now running from 9am to 3pm, having 5 x one hour periods a day.

It has been a pleasure to meet the Senior School students last week and I look forward to continuing to work with you all throughout the year.


Mr Scott Rumble

Assistant Principal