Principal's Report


As we move through Term 1, and into colder mornings, and everyone is a little more worn down, colds, coughs and sniffles are beginning to move through the school. While usually we gently remind families that if your child is not well enough to be at school they should stay at home. Due to Covid, and the current rules and regulations around many aspects of society, if your child had any cold and flu symptoms then they must be at home, and should also being tested for Covid. We have many students coming to school with cold symptoms and currently the DET guidelines state that anyone with these symptoms must stay away from school. 


This also applies to staff. We have had a few staff develop symptoms, which then means that a replacement teacher is brought in until that staff member has received a negative Covid test and have symptoms cleared. This again is a DET and DHHS mandate currently that we must abide by. We understand that this can cause disruption for students and we always attempt to have the same replacement teacher when there is a staff absence. 


Sensory Garden

The construction of our Sensory garden will be commencing next week. Due to the location of the building works and the access required by the contractors, the front end of the Administration building will be fenced off on Monday, until early June when the work is due for completion. Signage will be used to direct families and visitors to the school to the rear entrance (next to the undercover area) for access to the building during this period. 


While the works are going on the site in control of City Living Design and no access is permitted to anyone other than the contractors. Any access to the site may pose a significant personal injury risk.  


Below are a couple of the architect's drawings of the area, the Entry Perspective is walking around from the front of the school, with the Stage and Searing Perspective what will be seen if you are standing next to the 1/2 building looking back into the area, with the Administration building on your left:


Swimming Program

It has been wonderful to see our P-2 students heading off for swimming each day this week. This is an exciting week for them and such a fun experience. By the end of the week, we will see lots of very tired people around the school after the whole week program.