Learning and Teaching

Ms Jodie Connell - Deputy Principal

Reminders to Students

  • Ensure that you are keeping up to date with all assessment tasks and class tasks.
  • Contact your teacher for support if needed. Don't just 'sit and stop' reach out and get support.
  • All students should be attending Google Meets; this is the best place to get support from both staff and peers. If you are not on Google Meets, you will be missing out on vital information that could impact your learning.
  • Staff are working hard to respond to student emails within 24 hours. Please do not expect an immediate response, especially out of hours.
  • Students also need to be checking class notices and emails regularly.
  • You must acknowledge all material that is not your own via referencing. If you share or copy someone else’s work, you will be asked to repeat the task to receive a Satisfactory. Presenting others’ work as your own is called plagiarism, a form of cheating, which at VCE could lead to disqualification and failure.

Subject Selection


Huge thanks to all the families for their discussions around subject choices over the past fortnight. The Web Preference Portal has now closed, students who missed the deadline will need to contact Ms Connell to organise choosing subjects for the following year.


Over the first few weeks of Term 4, we will finalise the subject grids and start counselling students with subject allocations for the following year. Every effort is made to help students choose a pathway and subjects that will help them achieve their aims. The counselling process will begin with the current Year 11 students and then we will work our way down to the Year 10 and Year 9 students. This will all be completed by the middle of November. 


Senior School Information

All students studying a Unit 3 / 4 Study are reminded that the GAT is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 7th October. Students should be at school by 9.00am and should report to Pioneer Hall for temperature testing. Please ensure you have a comfortable face mask. Further information will be emailed prior to the GAT.