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This term, Yellow Group have enjoyed learning about the anatomy of plants stemming from an interest in our gardens and a passion for our 'Get Grubby' program. As part of this process, we learnt about some of the basic parts of a plant's 'body'; the roots, stem and leaves. 


To learn more about this, the children have been involved in a series of experiences involving garlic throughout the term!  

  • First the children took in turns peeling the garlic to reveal the cloves which was a fantastic fine motor experience.
  • We then explored the touch and smell of the garlic using descriptive language for what our senses were experiencing.
  • The cloves were placed in water and the children excitedly observed roots beginning to sprout over the course of a week, and then stems start to sprout and grow taller and taller!
  • When the garlic had sprouted tall stems, the children dug holes in our vegetable garden and planted them. They also had great fun collecting some of the compost from our worm cafe and adding this 'worm poo' to help the plants grow.

Peeling the Garlic


Watching the Garlic Grow