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Special Guests at St Peter's School


We were lucky to have a visit from four Collingwood AFL players on Thursday. As a Collingwood supporter I was very excited to see Scott Pendlebury, Jamie Elliott, John Noble and Nathan Murphy walk through the door .


The players were very engaging and encouraged all students in their ball skills. I hope you enjoy Angela's passionate recount below!

Sharon Daujat

Collingwood Came To Our School!

By Angela N


When I was in the office I waited impatiently for Collingwood to come. So I waited and waited, then finally they came. There were four players who came, Scott Pendlebury, Jamie Elliot, John Noble and Nathan Murphy. When they arrived, my friend Andrea and I stood up and welcomed them into our school. We both shook their hands then all the teachers wanted a photo, us too. We then showed them the way to the oval where the Year Three / Four were. When we were at the oval they explained to everyone about what they do and who they are.  


After all of the explaining we went and started to handball to each after. To be honest, my hands were really sore after the hand-balling. After the hand-balling exercise we went and did some kicks. One of my favourite parts of the day was kicking because it was really fun and it didn’t really hurt my hands as much. 


Now this was my favourite part of the day - I got to take single pictures with the players and also got them to sign my Collingwood jacket and my piece of paper. Seeing my dream AFL team at our school was awesome.