Dear families, friends and students,


The end of week three already! The days are getting longer in the evening which is very welcome.


We Need Jars

We need your help with the olive pickling and bottling. We need jars with lids. If you have any clean jars with lids please  send them along to school. We would be very grateful as we have many  many olives to pickle.


Cyber Safety Evening

Can you please ensure that one of your family members at least are coming to our Cyber Safety Evening on the 8th of August. You will not regret it. It will be a very informative evening.


Amazing app to connect you with your home town or city

I don't normally recommend an app  for you on this newsletter page but I was alerted to one last week that I thought was powerful and very worthwhile sharing. Like you all, I am always looking to find ways to connect with my hometown as well as friends and family who live overseas. 


Welcome to  Radio Garden!

Radio Garden allows you to listen to thousands of live radio stations world wide by rotating the globe.

Every green dot represents a city or town. Tap on it to tune into the radio stations broadcasting from that city.


Thank you to Maree and Caterina


We are very grateful to the wonderful helpers who have taken on the enormous task of picking, sorting, soaking and salting of our precious olive harvest.  Thank you to Marie-France and Caterina for their hard work. 


Today  my class went olive picking. It was a fun olive adventure. I picked all sorts of olives. Caterina and Maree were picking olives with the net and rack. We had three buckets to put the olives in. My bucket was very heavy. We had so much fun outside in the sun picking olives.

By Sienna


Our Winter Garden



Today My class and I went to  picking olives. There were red, purple and green olives. Caterina and Maree were using a rake and net for the olives. We put the olives in a bucket . The purple ones were fresh!

by Jayden 1/2 D

Running Club for all 

students and parents

Running club for anyone who is interested is on Monday and Thursday mornings Meet on the oval at 8.30 am  to run on the oval until about 8.45am. All welcome. Miss Richards will be organising this running club so if you have any questions you are welcome to ask her or Ms K. Please wear your runners/trainers to run and then students should change back into their school shoes.


What a great atmosphere it has been at our three initial playgroups. It has been quite a unique family atmosphere with Caterina and Marie-France pickling olives in the kitchen while children play in the library and Mums chat and have a coffee and cake. We are so very grateful to the staff of Goodstart Early learning Centre for their time, bringing their children along today and their resources. We really appreciate your energy and commitment to our Playgroup here at St Peter's. We look forward to many more sessions together.

Our Garden

Our garden is producing winter citrus fruit that is really juicy and wonderful to snack on. We harvested over 20 pumpkins and leeks, chard, spinach and kale are abundant. Mint is growing as is the parsley, chillies and capsicums. We made a very tasty soup last week for our senior children out of pumpkins and herbs. We feel lucky today to be in the winter sun weeding the garden.


We don't want children or young people to experience hardships or difficulty. However growing up generally means that kids will experience their fair share of hardships, frustrations and challenges which lead to uncomfortable feelings.


Pyschologist Available

Kelleynne is available for students who may be experiencing difficulty emotionally.  She is a  qualified Psychologist with experience working with children and their families.  This service is completely covered by Medicare. To access this service please speak to your child’s teacher or you can email or speak to Nerissa Kinnaird ~ Deputy Principal who will provide you with details on how to refer your child.  nkinnaird@spclayton.catholic.edu.au


Warm Regards,


Nerissa Kinnaird

Deputy Principal and Wellbeing leader