GOETHE-INSTITUT : 70 Year Anniversary


The Goethe-Institute celebrates it’s 70th birthday this year. With 158 institutes in 98 countries, the institutes contribute to bringing the German language and culture to people around the world. 


For our teachers and students, the Goethe-Institutes provide great support with learning programs, professional development, interesting exhibitions, concerts and competitions offered throughout the year. 


In it’s long history the Institute has developed into a global network focusing on multinational and multi-perspective approaches. 


If you are interested in reading more about the institute’s history, please click here.


I would like to congratulate the Goethe-Institute on this remarkable anniversary and thank all contributors past and present for supporting German language learners, teachers and students. We hope that more students will consider studying German for the future and enjoy the great opportunities learning this language offers.  


As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said: "Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own." 


Andrea Fowler

Head of Languages

La Fête de la Science by the Alliance Française de Melbourne


In honour of the Fete de la Science (International Science Festival) organised by the Alliance Francaise de Melbourne, a few language students participated on Monday in a free online table ronde discussion on bilingualism and the sciences for students (Years 10 – 12) entitled: The impact of bilingualism on science and scientific careers.


The event featured established and emerging bilingual scientists and PHD students working and studying in Australia and presented a great opportunity for students to discover first-hand how beneficial languages can be, both from a professional and personal perspective. 


The talk was a mix of testimonies and shared experiences on working in the domain of science, the benefits of being bi-lingual, how language can boost an international career, how languages shape the way we see the world and do research. 


Our students loved hearing about the experiences from the participants and many have already expressed an interest in pursuing a career in one or many fields of science. To that, we say bonne chance and we wish them all the best in their scientific endeavours!


Cédric Chamontin

French Teacher