New to McKinnon this year, Year 10 Engineering has proved to be a really popular and enjoyable subject for the students. Remote learning certainly provided some challenges but once the students were back in school, they were able to participate in many more hands-on challenges. The article below from James Barrett gives an overview of what the students have been.


Shirley Munro

ICT Learning Area Manager


After returning from online learning in Term 4, Mr McDonald’s engineering students created a number of electrical circuits as part of their Robotics unit.


Over a series of lessons, students worked in pairs and together created circuits that performed a variety of tasks. Before making anything physical, the students learnt about the different factors on electricity like voltage, current and resistance. They learnt about electrical safety and how Arduinos work, Arduinos are small computers that the students wrote code for that controlled their circuits.


In total, the students worked on six circuits. These circuits started simple and got more complicated as they went on. One of them for example was a turn knob that, depending on which direction you turned it, changed the spin speed on a fan. 


Those who finished early were allowed to use bigger, more complicated circuit kits. Pictured is the second bonus circuit. That one required the students to wire a full snake game. 


The joystick controlled which way the snake went. The snake was displayed on a board with a series of lights, the goal was to grow your snake as big as possible.


The final part of the robotics unit required the students to design and code an advanced traffic lights systems themselves. Everyone ended up having slightly different designs and code that achieved the same thing.


Those involved enjoyed the robotics unit, well done to all the students who participated.


James Barrett

Year 10 Student


Congratulations to the following students who took part in the most recent Grok challenge. This was a web competition that ran over a period of 4 weeks. 


Khushi Agarwal - Perfection in Beginner Level

Maleesha Dharmadas - Perfection in Beginner Level

Prarthana Agarwal - Perfection in Beginner Level


The challenge culminates in a Web Design competition where the students can compete against other students from all over the world. The competition will end on Sunday 28 November with voting opening the following week. 


Shirley Munro

ICT Learning Area Manager