Congratulations to Years 10, 11 and 12 students on completing your English exams. Your dedication to these tasks has been impressive. For Years 10 and 11 students, be sure to reflect on your achievements and areas for improvement from these tasks. It’s important that you learn from the process and results in order to improve in the future.


Well done again to our Year 12 students for completing your English, EAL and Literature exams. Your teachers are incredibly proud of you and wish you all the best for the future.


Sam Florence

English Manager


The Year 10 Creative Writing students have recently crafted and presented poems in class. Here is a selection of some of the excellent work completed by the class:



Ariel Golembo - ‘How big of a deal is it to cut your hair?’


How big of a deal is it to cut your hair?

Like..it’s just HAIR.

So why is it that my relatives look like sharks

They glance at my brother’s short curls and remark:

‘Ah, he needs a haircut soon’,

Then gaze at my graveyard and assure:

‘Oh, you won’t need one in a while.’

Some cutting teeth, I’m alone in the house who stood throbbing for moons.


But enough blaming, I love condemning myself.


Mateja Edwards - ‘Howl Imitation’


Where fairy godmothers are anonymous or so famous you wonder how they know who you are and they exist so long as you have this magical device no bigger than 30cm and yet won’t fit in most pockets. So damn the clothes designer. 


Where the smartest of people are led down the stupidest rabbit holes and believe that they can fit down it even though it’s no wider than my pinky or will believe that an elephant can not fit down a crater larger than the moon and yet are still given jobs that control this paradises food.


Where everyone is upside down and spinning around on a teacup ride but that teacup ride is part of another in a great expanse of a theme park but we are still too short to ride the other rides so we remain in our little green and blue teacup. 


Atahan Ozcagli - ‘The World is Empty’


I saw one day a grain of sand that within it held the Earth

It spun,


                       ‘til nought was left,

                                            but we who call it home

We funelled it, we changed it

                        ‘till only there was beauty

                                           The good’s already gone,

the sand blew in the wind


Aleksandra Simic - ‘Howl Imitation Draft Two’


Any semblance of retort turns to tears in eyes, to moths in hair, to thorns in sides,


Tongues lying useless and heavy as blunt knives, they sit drowning in rotting ballrooms of sunken ships,


wondering why it is that gold turns to dirt before their eyes, mirrors to cracked pavements and naive smiles,

Searching for truth in a matchbox sized pond, don’t they know all’s already been discovered?


Jessica Wielunski - ‘Washing Machine Laziness (Part 1)’


 I - saw - o f - a - washing - machine, 









 in-side that_are 




from the, 

week that has,




This - generation - of - laziness - and - the - quality - of - time - that - has - been - put into - it - is - a - disaster,