After 3 months of delay, the 2021 McK Chess Championship has finally come to a successful end on Friday 12 November 2021 when the beeps of the chess clock signaled the conclusion of the tightly fought contest between the eventual winner Anthony Duong (Year 10D) and runner-up Gregory Wen (Year 10M) in this year’s championship final. 


The match was decided by blitz tiebreak after both players won one standard game each with the white pieces in the first two days of competition. One can relive all the excitement by visiting the official championship website where videos and scoresheets of the final match can be viewed. 




The McK Chess Club would like to thank all participants and spectators from the preliminaries to the knockout stage for their enthusiasm and contribution. 


The final standing:


2021 Champion      Anthony Duong (Year 10D)

Runner-Up                Gregory Wen (Year 10M)

3rd Place                  Timothy Nicolaides (Year 9G)

4th Place                  Aryan Jayanty (Year 10F)


Quarter finalist (5th-8th): Ben Green (Year 9A), Jonathan Kui (Year 9C), Alex Nguyen (Year 10I) and Sam Potter (Year 11J). To see the full results, click here


Winner medals, prizes and certificates were given out in a short presentation ceremony on THU 18 Nov. 


McK Chess Rating (Nov 2021 update)


After the completion of the 2021 McK Chess Championship, there was some significant movement in the ratings and a number of students earned a Grade and/or a McK Chess Player Title for the first time. These are important criteria for the selection into the school chess team to represent McKinnon in the state inter-school competitions in the future.


The full official listing of the McK Chess Rating can be accessed through this link. As of 11 November 2021, the Top 15 rated players at McKinnon and their McK ratings are:

  1. 1252  Anthony Duong  (Year 10D)
  2. 1198  Timothy Nicolaides (Year 9G)
  3. 1187  Gregory Wen (Year 10M)
  4. 1151  Aryan Jayanty (Year 10F)
  5. 1121  Alex Nguyen (Year 10I)
  6. 1121  Sam Potter (Year 11J)
  7. 1118  Ben Green (Year 9A)
  8. 1115  Jonathan Kui (Year 9C)
  9. 1078  Aaron McCann (Year 11H)
  10. 1063  Matthew Day (Year 11C)
  11. 1061  Zac Sidley (Year 11L)
  12. 1059  Gregory Liarakos  (Year 11H)
  13. 1052  Will Richter  (Year 11K)
  14. 1042  Anh Quan (Alex) Do  (Year 7E)
  15. 1029  Vibhan Jivanjee  (Year 7E)

New McK Chess Club titles awarded: Anthony D. (Rook Class Player), Timothy N. (Bishop Class Player), Gregory W. (Bishop Class Player), Aryan J. (Pawn Class Player), Alex N. (Pawn Class Player), Sam P. (Pawn Class Player), Ben G. (Pawn Class Player), and Jonathan K. (Pawn Class Player).


Sandy Law

McK Chess Club