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Dear Parents

The Performing Arts skills in the Primary school have certainly been put on show this week with our talented Year 4 students performing in ‘Dogs! The Musical’.


As you will see by the movie clip attached, it was a very energetic, fun, polished, vibrant and engaging musical production and very much enjoyed by all of us who were lucky enough to be there.




Some of the adjectives I heard from parents and grandparents at the end of the Musical included amazing, genius, confident, remarkable, polished and the list goes on. It is clear that the dedication and hard work the students have put into this musical have made for an outstanding show. Every student should be very proud as are their families and teachers.


Mrs Sasha Cattapan has put in countless hours with the students in rehearsals and preparation, as well as, the time she has spent thinking over the smallest details that have led to such an amazing performance. We thank Mrs Cattapan for all hard work and dedication to our Performing Arts program and for providing this wonderful opportunity for our students.


A special thank you to Mrs Catherine Haydon for her incredible efforts in preparing our students so well and for the time, dedication and musical expertise she shares so generously with our students – we are so lucky!


To the staff and parent volunteers who assisted in any way throughout the production process – many, many thanks! Your contributions were very much appreciated.


A sincere and heartfelt thank you to the many parents and grandparents for taking the time to send a lovely email or message of thanks this week.


‘It was so enjoyable to watch, beginning to end’.


‘Well done! Last night was simply outstanding. I have not belly-laughed like that in ages. The students were amazing as was the set, costumes, make-up, music... just incredible!”


‘The children and the families will remember this forever. Thank you Mrs Cattapan for creating such a fun, all-inclusive, entertaining and highly professional musical.’


‘Every child was given a part that matched their personality to perfection and enabled them to shine in unique ways’.


Enjoy the long week-end!


Kind regards,


Antoinette De Pinto

Head of Primary


Please check the College Website for Term 3 to note all the important Primary school events for your family calendar.

Dates to Remember

Monday 26 AugustCatholic Day - NO school on this day
Tuesday 27 August

Y4 Excursion Star Swamp

PP Excursion Floreat Forum

Wednesday 28 August

KG-Y2 Book Week Incursion

CPAF Primary Singers - Vasto Club Balcatta

Friday 30 August

Father's Day Mass - 7.30am St Louis Sports Centre

Pre-Primary Father's Day Sports Morning - 9am


Dogs! The Musical

So many people have helped to make the Musical Production a success and I thank all of you for your hard work and support.




Our musical arrangement and piano accompanist, Mrs Catherine Haydon, for helping the children with their singing parts, assisting with the writing of lyrics, stage direction and arranging songs, and for providing the excellent accompaniment for the musical.


Miss Sarah Lees, who choreographed our dances. Thank you for your wonderful energy nd ideas.


Thank you to Miss Ashlin Macintyre for sharing her creative talents and designing the booklet poster.


Our sound and lighting technician, Mr Jeff Jansen, who helped set up for rehearsals every week and has made our stage look so amazing and our sound spot on! Special thanks also to Mr Daniel Paparo and Mr Tom Anderson-King on lights and the Audiovisual Team. Thank you to our sound effects and editing technician, Mr William Denton and to Mr Sam Tout for using his skills to film the performance.


Our Head of Primary, Ms Antoinette De Pinto, and Assistant Principals, Miss Jodi Joyce and Ms Kylie Allen, for their continued support and encouragement and also their assistance during after-school rehearsals.


Miss Claire Dernie and Mrs Teresa Fontaine, for their generosity of time and also their support and cooperation during the preparation of this production.


The Primary Staff who helped supervise the cast during rehearsals.


Our set designers, Mr Chris Reimer and Mr Connor Hewes, who built and painted our amazing set and props. Thank you Chris and Connor for sharing your creative talents. 

The Maintenance Team for all their ongoing assistance.


 Mrs Serena Hewes, for designing and making our costumes, with the help of her costume team, including her son Connor and her mother, Anna Carbone. Serena and Connor have worked tirelessly these past months to make sure all the children have the most amazing costumes. Special thanks also to Mrs Angela Soares who made the fantastic costumes for all the cats.


All the parent volunteers who have helped with costumes, props, face painting, make-up and hair, thank you all so much for your assistance. Special thanks also to Mrs Donna Burns, Mrs Fiona Bailey and Mrs Jennifer Cabassi for designing and organising the face painting.


Our backstage crew, John Exten from Year 9, Holly Denton, Caitlin Jackson and Braden Fyneman from Year 7. They attended after-school rehearsals and the night performance as part of their community service.


Special thanks to all the Year 4 parents for their wonderful support.


Finally, a big thank you to all the Year 4 children for bringing the story alive with great skill and enthusiasm.  It has been a delight to work with each of you.


Sasha Cattapan

Primary Performing Arts Teacher

Sports News

Interschool Cross Country


What a fantastic day and impressive performance by our runners with many top 10 finishes and plenty of ribbons!  The full results can be found here:


Congratulations to all the runners, a special mention to all the ribbon winners and the Year 6 boys who dominated their race with five runners in the top 10!  Well done to all competitors.


Year 3 Girls3rd Abigail Prosser
Year 3 Boys3rd Hudson Grabham
Year 4 Boys

1st William Blaxell

3rd Maximus Tonich

Year 6 Girls

1st Ruby Verleg

2nd Bianca Petsos

Year 6 Boys3rd Finnian O’Donnell



Steve Williams

Primary Sport Coordinator

Muffin Monday

Thank you to our Year 6 families for supporting the Catholic agency, ‘The Shopfront’ by providing savoury and sweet muffins on Monday.


The muffins were delivered to ‘The Shopfront’ and now will be enjoyed by their many visitors.

Can you help?

The Secondary Religious Education Department are collecting the inner tubes from glad wrap, foil and the like (no toilet rolls please).  The Year 8’s are going to make Aboriginal rain sticks as part of their curriculum.


Please hand these in to Mrs Petsos at Main Administration.