The Angelico Exhibition

The Angelico Exhibition for Catholic Students is a prestigious annual event on the Catholic Arts calendar. The exhibition provides a broad public forum through which students throughout Western Australia are able to exhibit their dynamic artistic talent.


This year John XXIII College has nine students exhibiting work at the Angelico Art Exhibition. The exhibition is open to the public until Friday 30 August at the Forrest Centre 221 St Georges Terrace, Perth.


Congratulations to the follow students on their participation in the exhibition:

Group Entry: Emilee Paterson, Kate Shirley, Gabby Watts, Nicholas Silva (Year 7)


The Dotty Flock

Fineline, watercolour and acrylic on card

Inspired by the richly decorated artworks of Australian artist, Del Kathryn Barton, and the dot paintings of traditional Aboriginal artists, we created a zentangle drawing of our favourite bird and surround it with a complex network of painted dots.


Ava Bostelman (Year 8)

A walk in my shoes

Graphite and lino print

Juxtaposition of mediums conveys meaning in my work. The pencil drawing shows originality, a favourite pair of shoes drawn by hand; a one off. The lino print however alludes to the consumerism of fast fashion, as a print can be reproduced infinitely.


Bailey Arundell (Year 10)


Oil on canvas

“Abraham looked up and there in a thicket he saw a ram caught by its horns. He went over and took the ram and sacrificed it as a burnt offering instead of his son” Gen 22:13

My artwork is a visual representation of Abraham’s trust and faith in God.


Jasmin Collins (Year 11)


Charcoal on card

My drawing depicts the story of Maya Kulenovic, a Bosnian refugee who witnessed the horrors of the Bosnian Civil War. I aim to provide a sense of hope that humanity can learn to nurture and respect the innate dignity of all human beings.


Caitlin Skead (Year 12)

Words Unspoken

Acrylic on canvas

Just as those in the deaf community use their hands as their voice it is important that humanity provides a voice for unrepresented endangered animals. I hope that through my artwork I inspire people to become a powerful voice for the unspoken.


Eloise Levy (Year 12)

Congratulations to Year 12 Student Eloise Levy who received first runner up in the prestigious Fra Angelico Award for artwork which embraces and upholds Catholic beliefs and values.

Strung Together

Oil on wood

Like a string of beads, a tribe is a group of individuals connected by a binding thread holding them together. The tribe’s existence depends upon the strength of the string. If the string snaps, all the beads will fall and become lost and separated.

Secondary Library - CBCA 2019 Book Week – Reading is my Secret Power

The anticipation of Book Week proved an exciting time for the College community this week.


We had the pleasure of hosting Fremantle-based author, speaker and teacher, AJ Betts – our secondary English students were inspired by AJ who gave insights into the challenges and rewards of professional writing.


The daily Home Room Book Week Quiz and #BookFace competitions attracted a strong response with over two hundred entries. Home Room Quiz winners will be announced in Tuesday. During lunchtime, students enjoyed playing a variety of Giant Games with chess, jenga and Connect 4 on offer.


Our talented Year 12 Drama students did a fantastic job reading to the primary students on Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime giving lively, humorous renditions of well-loved picture books.


Our Top 5 Library Borrowers will also be acknowledged at the end of the week.