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Ainger Peck Public Speaking Award

On Thursday 11 May, I was fortunate enough to be one of three Nossal students participating in the Ainger Peck Public Speaking Award. (Keira Williams and Corbin Afanasyeva and myself.) The award aims to encourage high school aged children to partake in public speaking and to improve on their communication and listening skills. 


Although speeches were limited to four minutes each, there was no set topic for students to speak about. The night was filled with a large variety of speakers, giving talks on diverse range of topics, ranging from ‘why dogs are better than cats’ to global issues such as domestic violence and gun laws. It was heart-warming to see our generation demonstrate a deep understanding of the problems which could impact our future and the changes we must make.


On the night, I chose to speak on the benefits and the dangers of Artificial Intelligence in our future; discussing what might happen if humanity puts all of its eggs in the same basket and hands it over to technology. It was a rewarding experience to be able to speak about a topic which interested me to an audience which was equally as interested.



Moreover, after the speeches had concluded, the adjudicators provided noteworthy feedback on how each speaker could improve and enhance their skills for the future. Overall, I am grateful that the Rotary Club of Richmond was able to run such an amazing competition and I hope that public speaking continues to inspire and empower voices for years to come.


Anhad Arora - Year 10