House Update


We all know Term 3 as the ‘dead’ term, as all the major house events have ended. Assessments, SACs and trial exams crowd the final weeks and everyone likely feels as though they’re hanging on to their sanity by a thread. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there or will be there at some point in our school lives. Despite its notoriety, Term 3 really isn’t that tiring - we just need to take a moment and appreciate the small, yet equally important victories. 

                                Blackwood’s junior/senior volleyball and netball teams participated with enthusiastic and (mostly) fair spirit to bring home some well-deserved points for the house. Furthermore, there were amazing debating and arts participants who showcased the house’s creativity. There’s only one term left for the majority of you - ensure that you cherish your time and spend it wisely, so that together we can secure the presentation night W!


Kaitlyn Huynh B7



What a year!


We kicked things off with a gallant effort in both Swimming and Athletics demonstrating those important values of passion, effort and participation winning Fashion on the Field and the House Spirit competitions (with a brand-new CHANT that brought the house down – shout out to Bhargav and Mr J for coming up with that one). As the year progressed, we continued to showcase the house spirit that Cottrell is known for culminating in a rousing rendition of Wavin’ Flag at chorals that brought goosebumps to all in attendance. While our year won’t go down in history as one of great “success” in terms of “winning”, let’s be honest, the real success was the friends and memories we made along the way. 


And so, to our year 12s we say farewell. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to Cottrell. You’ve been incredible role-models to the rest of the house and we appreciate you. 


One final THANK YOU to our fearless house leaders Alex Jaison and Hanan Baarini – you rock. Also, massive shout out to the best leadership team in the school: Andrea Rose Thomas, Lilliana Carroll, Kalindu Guanartne, Bhargav Shastry, Lyxandria Agus, Carin Danial, Finlay Maltby, Carol Danial and Zorawar Singh. Next year’s team have ginormous shoes to fill. 


We love you Cottrell family! The Phoenix is rising (soon!)


Narelle Roberts & David Juricevich

Cottrell House Leadership





This term has been a whirlwind of small and big house events, and we are proud to note that Rothwell has continued to keep up their amazing spirit and participation. The most memorable event was definitely Chorals, and we were able to see all of our hard work from the beginning of the year finally come together. We're so incredibly proud of all of our performances, and we'd like to thank every single individual who was involved in the art team, as a soloist, in ensembles, and a part of mass! 


As this term comes to an end, whole school exams will be coming up. We would like to wish good luck to all the students taking a 3/4 subject this year, as well as to the younger year levels experiencing exams for the first time at this school. Once again, a big thank you to everyone who has participated in house events and competitions throughout the year! 


Let's smash the exams, Rothwell! 


- Rothwell Leadership Team