Student Achievments

Shaun Micallef's Brain Eisteddfod


After multiple rounds of selection and a few weeks of waiting, our Suzanne Cory team was flown out to Sydney for the filming of Brain Eisteddfod in May. While the competition remained tight throughout with a few worrying mistakes (just for the record, 7 cubed is 343, the stick a conductor holds is called a baton and the mean of 2,3 and 10 is 5!), the double points round provided an opportunity to bounce back and secure the win. 


While we were not one of the top two teams chosen for the final round, the experience gave us a great insight into the world of media with the chance to see the Sunrise set and get ready in The Living Room’s green room.







Senior Girls Hockey Regional and State Competition 

On the 27th of July, the Senior Girls Hockey team attended the WMR competition at the Footscray Hockey Centre. Although we went in with a total of 11 players (meaning no substitutes), the girls put in their best efforts and kept their spirits high throughout the day. As the match progressed into the second half, the intensity of the game as well as the enthusiasm of the girls was unmatched. In the end, we triumphed over the Geelong girls, winning the game 3 – 1.

Following our victory at the WMR competition, the team made it to State Finals on the 16th of August (belated HBD Sukriti)! On the day we played against Vermont, Balwyn and Macrob, and unfortunately lost all games. But regardless of the outcome, the girls remained optimistic throughout the day, using the opportunity to learn, and showed immense support to each other when needed (especially when multiple players ended up getting injured T_T).

I’d like to thank Miss Collins for training us, and also Miss Guastella for accompanying us to the competitions and for all their time, the mental exertion to find a way through the city, encouraging screaming from the sidelines and endless support throughout the days. I also want to thank the team for giving their best and making the Year 12 girls’ last interschool sports one of the most memorable. 

Gurnoor Jhajj – B3

Intermediate Boys WMR Basketball Competition


The 2022 Intermediate Boys basketball team kicked off the competition at Eagle Stadium with a solid win over Werribee Secondary College. This set a high-energy, positive tone that the team carried into the second game, which was against Wyndham Central. It was a hard-fought contest with the boys demonstrating great teamwork, lots of hustle and a never-give-up attitude. Unfortunately, the boys were unable to secure the win, narrowly losing the game by a mere four points.



The third and final game saw the boys give Al Taqwa a run in a real nail biter of a game but didn’t have an answer for Al Taqwa’s three-point shooting, which kept them just beyond the team’s reach at the final buzzer. Despite the two losses, the boys finished 4th overall out of 13 teams and represented SCHS proudly, demonstrating respect throughout the whole day, helping score-keep, and maintaining a positive attitude as a team. Well done to everyone and I reckon this bodes well for a solid Senior Boys team in 2023.


 Mr. Price

Senior WMR Badminton Competition

Both senior teams have been training vigorously over the past 2 terms, which led to selection for the regionals badminton inter-school competition. Regionals presented us with a fierce competition where both teams had to strife for each and every point. Our girls team absolutely girl bossed it all the way to the finals, where we faced a formidable opponent in Lara SC. In the finals, our scores were tied at 3-3, but we unfortunately did not slay and won the runners up award. 


The boys team made it to the semi-finals where we lost 2-4 in a closely contested match to St Albans. Ultimately, there were some incredible rallies to watch, great sportsmanship on all ends and high level play and effort from all other schools motivated us to give our best. Not the results we hoped for, but we will come back stronger next time :)) 



A job well done to all the students who were a part of the Senior Badminton Teams, and also a massive thank you to our coach, Mr Lam, for scheduling training sessions, taking us to competitions, coaching us, and making sure that we always had fun.  


Anushka Ukunde K8 & Patrick Nguyen R8


Intermediate girl's Table Tennis


The intermediate girl's Table Tennis team was pumped with apprehension on the early morning of Tuesday the 26th of July, prepared to smash the other teams in the interschool girl's Table Tennis competition. Although we had no previous training and nerves were in the air, we skyrocketed through the tournament, winning a majority of our games against Good News, Tarneit, and Werribee. The skills we had before and the skills we picked up throughout the day gave us the overall win, and the chance to participate in regionals later this year. 


We truly did our best, and we can’t wait to see what comes in regionals!


Bea Year 9 K1

Senior Girls Table Tennis


The Senior Girls Table Tennis team represented SCHS at the Western Metropolitan Region in Geelong. Our girls smashed the other 5 teams and came home with 1st place! After progressing to States, we started practising more and improving our teamwork and accuracy of shots. We placed 3rd at State level, after progressing to the semifinals, which was played at MSAC. 


It was amazing to see everyone so determined to try their best, and support each other. While we were determined to win, it was clear that no matter if we won or lost, we were proud to have come this far! 


The Senior Girls Table Tennis Team: Aanchal, Carin, Carol, Yumna, Bea and Saniya. Special thanks to Mr Tran!


Aanchal Sharma R8


The Cory Singers


Our chamber choir The Cory Singers went to The Royal South Street Society Choral Contest in week 6.  The students were amazing, given that we are a young choir they performed extremely well against many schools with extensive competition experience. 


The Cory Singers were awarded an Honourable Mention for their performance. What an amazing achievement. 


The Cory singers

Choral director: Ms Christine Tung


Williamstown Literature Festival


Students receiving their certificates from author Enza Gandolfo
Students receiving their certificates from author Enza Gandolfo


Congratulations to the students who were shortlisted for the Young Adas writing competition. We had five students in a shortlist of ten – a great achievement reflecting our talented writers. Particular congratulations to Siya Gauri Singh, whose story ‘Heart’s Desire’ was runner up in the competition, and Joann Manoj Jacob who was highly commended. Allan and Charlize came in at commended. All the shortlisted students have their stories published in the competition anthology. A copy is available to read in the library.



Allan Basman Yr 10  

Joann Manoj Jacob Yr 10  

Charlize Miranda Yr 11  

Sophie Parnham Yr 11  

Siya Gauri Singh  Yr9


Helen Jarvis, English Faculty Leader

High School Dance


On 27th August Suzanne Cory High School competed in the High School Dance Competition 2022.


HSDC is a freestyle dance competition with an aim to encourage students to participate in activities beyond learning. It is a platform to promote teamwork, boost confidence levels and inspire students to connect culturally through the art of dance.


This years theme was Bollywood!


HSDC is a freestyle dance competition. Dances can be choreographed in any dance style, however the requirement was the base music should be a Bollywood movie song and could be remixed with any other language song/s.


Suzanne Cory High School performed exceptionally well winning the 2nd Runner Up place.


As a further accolade to SCHS, Sahana Ilango Swaminathan won Best Female Dancer of HSDC 2022. It was not an easy task for the judges to select the best female dancer. The deciding factor came down to a 2 minute dance battle between our very own Sahana and Sahana from Nossell High School. 


I would like to thank Dolly Nguyen, for setting up all the arrangements for our High School Dance team and giving me the opportunity of being part of this journey! The students of our HSDC team are very grateful for everyone's support throughout this tedious yet memorable journey. 



I would like to acknowledge the hard work of our lovely HSDC team and teachers without whom the victory wouldn't have been possible. Congratulations to Amitojdeep (Amitoj) Kaur (K7), Andrea Rose Thomas (C8), Ankita Dasari (B5), Areej Fatima (B2), Bhargavi Patil (B7),  Gayathri Prakash (R2), Hannah Kaur (R4), Harguan Kaur (B8), Kashish (Kash) Sharma (C3), Krithya (Kriti) Chandrasekar (R4), Priyanka Selvakumar (C1), Rakshana Rajesh (C7), Sahana Ilango Swaminathan (K1), Trisha Vinesh Vijayan (K3), and Tvisha Joshi (R5).


Rutwa Modi - Teacher


Model UN Youth

Congratulations to Aakriti Malhotra and Sophie Parnham both Year 11 students who participated in the State Final for the Evatt Trophy this year gaining 4th place out of 400 schools!


The Evatt Trophy Competition engages secondary school students across Australia in world affairs and issues through debating mock Security Council resolutions from the position of an assigned country.


In pairs, delegates are assigned a country and one resolution a week prior to the competition. They will then develop their stance on the prepared resolution from the perspective of their assigned country. On the day of their round, they debate, amend and finally vote on the prepared resolution and also one impromptu resolution.

The State Finals were held in the majestic chambers of the Legislative Council at State Parliament. 


Western Metropolitan Region Senior Boys Hockey 

Our journey as a team began a couple of days before our competition day when we learned two of our best players, Aidan Coloma and Hayden Tran were late outs due to unforeseen circumstances. As a result, we had to bring in a replacement which would turn out to be the amazing Harsh Sharma. 


Fast forward a couple of days to the 27th of July on a calm winter morning and the senior boys hockey team was at school nice and early for our big day of competition. We arrived at school at 7:30, even though our scheduled departure time, unbeknown to us, was 8:35. We made the short yet enduring trip down the highway and arrived at Geelong Hockey Centre an hour early, so got some much-needed practice in. It was the first time the whole team had trained together due to our inability to rock up to training at school (sorry Ms Fenby).  Luckily the boys were energised for this as we had all slept on the way there. The scariest part of this day was that only one player left (Jashith) had previous hockey experience for Suzanne Cory High School and a total of three (Anirudh, Nadim, and Jashith) had played hockey outside of school. 


Our first game was up against Strathmore and was called on an hour early due to Williamstown being late. This was the first time a lot of the blokes had played hockey, and were confronted with the hostile and aggressive playing style of the Strathmore players. We had to decide positions and confirm rules 15 minutes prior to the game and throughout it as well. We learned the essential rules regarding hitting balls, not whacking each other's sticks, and not touching the ball with our feet. 


We played our best against the Strathmore team, and at the end of the day, they reigned supreme. Taking a 4-0 victory through their remarkable offense, it would have been 10-0 if it wasn’t for our persistent defense. Shoutout to our incredible goalie, Jafar, who made gravity-defying saves whilst Jordan, our superb centre half, controlled the game when we had a moment of possession. 


Although we were dejected, the boys had no time to reflect on the loss because our second and final game was straight afterwards against Williamstown High School. We thought this match would be calm, but it turned out to be the calm before the storm. We tried to storm through and penetrate their defense with little success, and it was they that penetrated our defense many a time with excellent ball movement and stick placement that we just couldn’t seem to guard. To our good fortune, the referees were on our side (out of pettiness and because one of them used to coach Ms Fenby) and helped us create a few more scoring opportunities. Unfortunately, distraught, tormented, and depressed we lost 3-0 which was at least an improvement compared to our game against Strathmore. Shoutout to a few of our stars during this game: Nadim, Raymond and Yaseen who were never faulted in their efforts. And though we didn’t score on the day, our almighty captain Anirudh pulled us together and gave an inspirational speech suggesting that we went “above and beyond”.  


Around 2:30, after a fulfilling lunch, we hopped on the bus and drove back up the M1 towards school. The mood on the bus was surprisingly energetic and although we lost, the boys were proud to have represented the school at a high level. Thank you to Ms Fenby, for not only organising but practically carrying us the entire day with her hockey knowledge. Special commiserations to the year 12s who played in their final interschool sport competition of their careers. We wish the intermediate hockey team the best of luck in their upcoming tournament.


Harsh C8 & Jashith C8

WMR Athetics


SCHS students attended Keilor Park Athletics Track for the Western Metropolitan Region athletics carnival. All students displayed their best efforts on the day and represented the college with pride. The stand out performers were:

  • Jasmine Vixayvong 3rd 14yo Girls Long Jump
  • Sukriti Patial 2nd 17yo Girls High Jump
  • 3rd 17yo Girls Relay Team - Maeve Coloma, Abhi Jayam, Harpreet Cheema, Melissa Xavier 

Congratulations to all performers on the day.


Adrian Sipala, Sports Coordinator