Principal's Report


Hope you had a nice long weekend in the lead up to our final 2 weeks of term.  The weeks are flying, but we have some important business to attend to, which includes:

  • End of semester 1 reports become available on Friday (June 16).  Over the past month staff have been busy completing assessments and then writing reports, which we hope you’ll find useful and informative.
  • Next week we have Parent Teacher Interviews on the Wednesday and Thursday.  Hopefully you’ve booked in to speak with your child’s teacher/s, and don’t forget it’s an early dismissal (1pm) on the Wednesday.
  • In the final week of term there will be a focus on Naidoc Week, building cultural understanding across the school.
  • On a final day of term, it’ll be casual dress, with students invited to come along with a gold coin donation.  Our VOTS Team will be coming together this week to decide on a charity to donate this money to.  We’ll also have a whole school assembly on June 23, which is a nice way to round off the term.  Parent attendance at assemblies has been steadily climbing, which is good to see.


Over the past decade we’ve planted a large number of shade trees, many of which are now getting some size about them.  When combined with deciduous trees which have some age about them, that makes for a large volume of leaves to be collected each Autumn. 


Thankfully I have a team of eager and reliable helpers who come together regularly during recess and lunch breaks with rakes, shovels, barrows and battery blowers to clear the leaves.  Each comes with their individual set of skills, and we somehow manage to get the job done. 


It’s nice that the kids are keen to help and they leave (no pun intended) with a sense of achievement and experience in sharing and working as part of a team.


The Fete feels like a distant memory, but now we have a final profit/loss statement.  These things take a while to pull together given the time it takes for all accounts to be finalised and paid.  


Overall, we finished with a profit of $17,553, which is a great outcome and helps us continue to pay for and run a range of programs across the school.  The Fete was also highly successful as a school community event that brought families together after a period of separation. 


Thanks again to everyone for your support, helping to make the Fete such a successful event.  This includes those that donated items, those that helped organise and run events, those that came along on the day and those that helped set up and pack up.


As mentioned previously, next year we’ll hold a concert in term 3.  The concert is a big event, with each class participating and being part of an act.  We hold an all-day rehearsal on a Wednesday, followed by a matinee performance and then an evening performance on the Thursday. Then we finish off with a slow start at school on the Friday, followed by an evening performance.  This is a completely different experience to the Fete but is certainly something to look forward to in 2024.


In last week’s newsletter we welcomed Mr Gonzalez but weren’t able to get a photo.  We’re making up for that this week.