Student Well-being 

Community Spotlight: Year Prep  Community

2pm Check Ins

There is no doubt that what our  Year Preps miss the most during lockdown is being able to socialise with their friends! During our 2pm Well-being Live Meets,  the children are given the opportunity to just have a chat and share special things that have happened over the last few days. Whether it is introducing their pet to the community or showing off a new toy, it is wonderful to sit and listen and ask each other questions!


We have also loved getting up and moving seeing as we have been sitting in front of our computers so much during remote learning. We have enjoyed doing dances all together like the chicken dance and the floor is lava!


You might want to give them a go at home!

Well-being at home

We find ourselves in another lockdown and no doubt we can't help but feel a little deflated. Here are a few well-being activities you may do at home to manage stress and build problem-solving skills.


Stress Management

Goal: Identify activities that can help to reduce our stress levels. 


Activity: Ask your child to interview different family members and then draw a picture of them. Your child can ask: What do they like to do to help them calm down or cheer up?


Goal: Discuss coping strategies for stress. Activity: Write a list of actions with your child that you can take to deal with stress, fear or anger. Name this list: Our Family’s Calming Strategies. Display this list somewhere at home.


Goal: Identify a range of strategies that can be used to deal with strong emotions. 

Activity: With your child, come up with a list of positive strategies your family can use to relax or calm down. 


Building Problem-Solving Skills


Goal: Recognise solutions to problems. Activity: Come up with three positive and different ways to solve this problem: You and your family arguing over which show to watch on TV. 


Goal: Differentiate between levels of problems. Activity: With your child decide how big the following problems are. Rank them from 1 (little problem) to 3 (big problem): 

• You miss your friends at school. 

• You are feeling bored being at home all the time. 

• You have hurt yourself and are in a lot of pain


Goal: Practice ways to cope positively with stress.

Activity: Create a stress-free space or a space within your home that your family can use to wind down.


Lauren Borg

Student Well-being Leader