Parents/Carers Contact Details



It is important that we have up to date contact details on hand at all times.  At any stage if the following details change throughout the year could you please contact the school office at your earliest possible convenience.

Residential Address

Email Address

Phone Numbers: Home, Work, Mobile

Emergency Contact Details

Personal Details

 In keeping with Child Safety regulations, we need all volunteers who are to be with children eg: walking to swimming, going on excursions and camps, being a guest speaker here at school, cooking hot dogs etc. to have a Working With Children's card.  These really are a handy thing to have now, as they are required by many sporting and other clubs, and they are quite simple to apply for. 

It is an online application and the process is this:


Go to 

           1. Fill in the application form and verify your identity online.

  2.  Check your inbox for an email from with instructions on how to finalise your application at Australia Post.

 3. Attend a participating Australia Post outlet, have your photo taken 

(all of this process is no charge to you).




From time to time children may be required to take a prescribed medication during the school day.  Our teachers and administration staff are happy to assist in this area, however, we need to be extremely careful with medicines, as I’m sure parents can appreciate. To this end parents must complete a written form detailing dosage, timing etc. This form is available on our website or from the school office. I would recommend dropping into school with the form. A face to face chat about giving your child a prescribed medication is preferable,

I’m sure for all parties.


If your child needs to change their ‘End Of Day Routine’ please confirm the change to the School Office before 3:00pm.  It can be very difficult for crossing supervisors and distressing for the children if they are not sure of their destinations. 

Please use the email below, including your child's name, class and new pick up point. Also indicate if your child is NOT aware of this change so they can be notified.


This is our preferred method, however you can still phone the school office should you not have access to an email facility.