Principal's News

Dear Parents and Carers,

The roads around our school are very busy in the morning and even more so in the afternoon. Therefore it is important that the school has well organised “Pick Up” and “Drop Off” Procedures.

Consideration must be given to the road rules and the local government’s parking restrictions as signposted around our school.

Hart Street immediately in front of our school is a “5 Minute Drop Off & Pick Up Zone” between 8:30 and 9:15 each weekday morning. All parents may drop off children in this area. The school strongly encourages parents and carers to use the western or school side of Hart Street to avoid children having to walk across Hart Street alone.


After school there are four main exit points for the children to leave the school by and none of them are perfect but all of them are supervised by our staff rain, hail or shine and all of them require patience, courtesy and common sense.

A recurring concern is at our Prep Gate.


Foundation children and their older siblings, who are to be collected by car, meet at the “Prep Gate”. Parents who have children in Foundation are encouraged to park in Hart Street immediately in front of the school.


Please note the eastern side of Hart Street, immediately across from the school, is a NO STANDING ZONE from 3:00pm till 4:00pm Monday to Friday. It is unsafe and unlawful for parents to park on this side of Hart Street between 3:00pm & 4:00pm as it may encourage children to run across this very busy section of road.


Three teachers will supervise this collection point in accordance with our duty roster. 


Recently a member of Colac Police spoke to me about the danger of cars using the entrance to Dean Court to complete a U-Turn on Hart Street, in order to park along the western side of Hart Street. Dozens of our precious children walk across Dean Court at this time every day and they will not be looking for a car approaching them from behind their left shoulder.

Parents and carers collecting from this point should approach the school from the south and use Aireys Street to approach the school. 

When this concerned and thoughtful Police Officer finished, I said “Yes I know, and I have warned about this practice many times and can you please come and book those that do it?”

He said “Yes” 


CIRCUIT BREAKER Parents are reminded that our school will be closed THIS Friday, August 12 and also on Monday August 15 as part of our Diocesan response to Covid-19. 


SACRAMENTAL PROGRAM Children who are participating in the Parish Sacramental Program are reminded that there are no “Dismissals” scheduled for this weekend’s Masses, however I’m sure Fr Michael would still love to see the kids there.


FACE MASKS are HIGHLY recommended. Clearly Covid-19 and the flu continue to pose a health risk in our community and, of course, none of us know where and to whom our germs may be inadvertently spread to. So care is required.

The four reasons that you must wear a mask that apply in our setting are:

1. “If you have COVID-19 or are a close contact and are leaving the premises for a permitted reason.” (such as school)

2. In a public indoor space if you are a close contact. (such as a classroom)

3. On public transport, in taxis/rideshare services and in tourism vehicles.(Such as a school bus)

4.After being tested for COVID-19 and awaiting results. (R.A.Tests will be sent home at least 3 more times during Term 3)

Following these rules will hopefully keep us all healthy and help us to keep our school open.