New OGEA Retirees!


by Dominic Rizzi

Congratulations to our Retiree Class of 2018! Thank you for your service to our students and school in being a mentor, leader, and teacher to so many. The work, heart, and brain you gave to your students had an impact on their lives forever. See some blurbs below of what some of our OGEA Retirees have to say about their time in OGSD and what they plan to do next as well as some advice for the new educators out there!


Mr. Paul Truong - Davis Math

Mr. Paul has worked in Oak Grove for 22 years and will be missed at Davis Jr. High. We wish him the best in his retirement. Mr. Paul plans to travel to Vietnam and then to Europe or Mexico. Mr. Paul’s advice for new teachers is to have lots of patience.


Mr. Mike Coleman  - Davis PE

According to Coleman’s calculations, he has worked in OGSD for 33.546 years.Coleman’s fondest memory in Oak Grove was when he coached county championship track in 85’ / 86’. Two track records were set then and they still haven’t been broken since.Coleman plans to put more energy into his fitness business and continue to go on adventures such as traveling, rock climbing, hiking, biking, and reading. House projects are also planned to take place during retirement. Coleman’s advice for new teachers: Never stop learning.


Aruna Samy - Herman Math

Aruna has served 16 years in Oak Grove School District. Aruna is fond of all the great teachers and mentors who helped over the years with the changes in math curriculum and really appreciates all the support. In retirement, Aruna will travel to India to take care of and be with family. Aruna’s advice for new teachers is to take advantage of a good mentor to guide and help navigate the first year. Aruna says, it can be hard to start the year off as a new teacher getting your room ready, that you will face challenges, and to hang in there, that it gets better as you gain experience.

2017-2018 OGEA Retirees:

Kelly Clayton

Mike Coleman

Colynne Love

Carol Remy

Aruna Samy

Tonya Locke

Paul Trung