Membership Engagement


Membership Engagement Year in Review

By Maripaz Berlin, Chair


OGEA Membership Engagement organized some exciting and fun events this year. We started the Fall with Apple Picking at Gizdich Ranch located in Watsonville, and Yoga in the nearby Cahalan Park.  Jimmie Brown, a psychologist for the middle schools, taught a professional development workshop on Teacher Wellness.


For the Winter, ME introduced the first Friday ChillDowns at Britannia Arms. This year OGEA has  hosted four ChillDowns in January, February, March and April, complete with lively company and delectable appetizers!

Another Winter activity was our Golf and Greet at the Pruneridge Golf Club. Members got to smash golf balls with powerful strokes on the driving range. (Perhaps we’ll save this one towards the end of the year when end of the year frustrations are high….)


The Spring weather was a perfect time to organize our two hikes in our nearby Santa Teresa County Park. The hikes were led by Taylor Elementary’s, Martin Greer, an avid bike rider in the park.

OGEA ME concluded the year with Bocce at  Almaden Lake Park, complete with a snack potluck and Bocce throwdowns.


OGEA’s Membership Engagement Committee received your suggestions and have planned some of the same and will be adding new activities for next year! The various activities will have PDs both from CTA and members, as well as social events. Stay tuned in! Stay Connected!

Membership Engagement Committee

Maripaz Berlin, Chair,

Martin Greer, Shelley McCracken

Nathan Pham