Conferences Attended!

Conferences 2017-2018


By Maripaz Berlin


Most teachers I know are busy the whole year through, pushing forward to teach and eek out every teachable moment in the day, in the week, in the month in addition to balancing a work and home life. However, some manage to carve out a day or weekend to attend one of CTA’s conferences.

This was a banner year for Conference attendance for OGEA! We had a total of 34 attending CTA’s Summer Institute, Leadership Region 1, Issues, New Educators, Good Teaching, Human Rights and Equity Conferences! INCREDIBLE!!


What were some of your takeaways?

“There are so many teachers that are interested in bettering their practice. It was a big event. It was well organized!”-Kim Reiley, Indigo

“Lots of various things to improve teaching.” -Paige Kovats Wilden, Miner.

“I learned about dyslexia and how our district needs to do more for it.” -Nancy Paul, Del Roble

“I appreciated experiencing what is beyond OGEA and meeting other educators and leaders in education who share the same drive to continually improve and learn.“ Maripaz Berlin, Indigo

“Unions are not just about negotiations and ensuring a fair contract. CTA and NEA provide opportunities for professional development at your own choosing. I plan to reinstate our Ethnic Minority Committee! We are more than just teachers, we are professionals that make a difference in our society and the foundation of our community.” -Kellee Humphrey, Baldwin

“Every conference I attended this year left me excited and wanting to do more in my classroom and in the union.  It’s always exciting when you are in a room full of people who share your passion for teaching. “ -Shelley McCracken, Baldwin

I would recommend this conference because...

“It was all around amazing.” Paige Kovats Wilden, Good Teaching Conference


“Human Rights and Equity because it touched on the equity and human rights issues as they relate to our minority students, on our viability as a diverse society, our own perpetuation of prejudices and the work that still has to be done to help with the understanding and advocacy of our minority brother and sisters.” Maripaz Berlin, Human Rights and Equity Conference


“The Good Teaching Conference was good but I would recommend first reading the list of sessions and see if there are ones that interest you.” Nancy Paul, Good Teaching Conference


“There were a lot of choices in speakers.” Kim Reiley, Good Teaching Conference


“I recommend attending CTA conferences for the opportunity to network with other educators outside of OGEA and to increase your knowledge in the educational field.” -Kellee Humphrey, Issues and Human Rights and Equity Conference


“CTA conferences are empowering and a great place to mingle with other educators from all over the state. I learn something new every time.”  -Shelley McCracken, Issues, Region 1 Leadership and CTA Summer Institute