OGEA Victories!


OGEA Victories! 

By Maripaz Berlin, Grievance Chair

AUGUST 2017:

Member was told to change grades and move classrooms and move teacher on leave’s materials, as well. Denied compensation because move was voluntary. Article

RESOLVED: Member was given enough support from the district to move into her classroom in a timely manner.


Member was concerned they would lose their prep because they had a third and fourth grade combo class, thinking the fourth would have VPA and they would have third graders in class. Article Grades 4-6 Preparation Period, Article 15.2

RESOLVED: Site Rep consulted with Admin and VPA teacher; VPA teacher will teach both third and fourth graders.


Student and staff bathrooms were in disrepair; repairs were extremely delayed. ED CODE Article 10: School Maintenance 35292.5.  

RESOLVED: Grievance Chair met with Neil Raushhuber and Laura Phan to clarify processes for requesting repairs. Bathrooms at five affected sites repaired.


Members were being told to do yard duty for the last 10 minutes of lunch during rainy days. Article 14.1

RESOLVED: Principal was very cooperative at the meeting.  Admin will try to do indoor/rainy recess by combining several classes into one room with a movie.  No teacher will be required to do yard duty at lunch. She may rearrange lunch schedules next year to avoid lunch discrepancies.  



Members were being heavily questioned by admin to disclose the reasons for their requests of MCI days.  Additionally, it appears that only the women have had to respond to this while the men don’t appear to be questioned. Article 8.3

RESOLVED: OGEA President met with Human Resources Assistant Superintendent, Andy Garcia and issue was resolved.



Kindergarten teachers were asked to teach other teachers’ students after their own kinder students were dismissed (though some were in after school academy).  Article 14.5.1

RESOLVED: Member spoke with Admin to resolve issue informally.

MARCH 2018

1.Safety request to have keys made for all staff members for the side gate. Article 16.1

RESOLVED: Admin agreed to have keys made for staff after conversation with Site Rep.

2.MOU needed for members affected in school consolidation process.

RESOLVED: Bargaining Team created an MOU that gave members release time and specifications on their rights regarding moving logistics and processes.

Grievance Team

Maripaz Berlin, Chair maripaz_d@hotmail.com

Bob Prola, bobprola@gmail.com