Mission Action Day


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MAD fundraising efforts kicks off at Bunnings on Labor Day Monday.

Thanks to some excellent organisation from Declan Easton (and his parents) the Thailand 2018 crews got the 2019 fundraising rolling.


The day started slowly, with the first sausages being cooked around 9.30am. However it wasn’t long before the smell of onions cooking had the customers rolling in. The students and staff gave up their time to take at turn on the stall and under Declan’s careful timetabling and expert catering the day went very smoothly.


Just over $1100 profit was made on the day, with many customers not only buying sausages and drinks, but also donating extra money when they heard from the students just what the money was being used for.


Let’s hope that all members of the College community makes every effort with their fundraising to keep the money for the Lasallian Foundation rolling in.


Thailand 2018 Crew 1&2


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