Old Collegians


Old Collegians Reunions 2019

Class of 2018                          1 Year Reunion                       Friday 3 May

Class of 1969 and before       50+ Years Reunion         Friday 21 June

Class of 1999                          20 Year Reunion                     Friday 26 July

Class of 1989                          30 Year Reunion                     Friday 30 August

Class of 1979                          40 Year Reunion                     Friday 15 November


Reunions are held at the College on Friday evenings between 6.30 pm and 8.30 pm. Food and Drinks are served and the opportunity to tour the College is also provide. These events really are very special and we encourage you to attend. Our database always requires updating so if you know anyone in the above groups, please send their contact details to oldcolls@stbedes.catholic.edu.au so they don’t miss their invitation!

University Coffee Catch Up

It has been a pleasure to visit a number of Melbourne Tertiary institutions over the past couple of weeks to check in with our Old Collegians studying (and in some case lecturing) on campus. This initiative has provide a great opportunity for past students to connect with other BedaBoys on campus, share information, network and enjoy a coffee and snack.