From our Assistant Principal 

Respectful Relationships

We are very excited to be implementing the Respectful Relationships curriculum at CHPS in 2021.  Part of this program works towards breaking down gender stereotypes, a matter we feel is of great importance.  


Breaking down gender stereotypes will help your children develop, based on skills and interests, rather than by what society expects of them because of their gender.  It is important children live in an environment where they can be their true selves, and free to explore all things that interest them in life. 

By around age 3, children become aware of gender stereotypes.  Hearing and seeing messages about ‘what they should play with’ and how they ‘should act’ can begin to change their interests and behaviours. Boys are told that to ‘run or throw like a girl’ is an insult.  This teaches both boys and girls that to do something like a girl is inferior.  ‘Boys don’t cry’ is another message our society uses, which teaches boys that showing their feelings is not a masculine behaviour.  Girls receive comments about their appearance whilst boys receive comments about their actions and abilities.  Behaviours, study choices, ambitions and views about relationships are all affected by gender norms.

All of this means children may stop doing activities they love or are important for their development, because they don’t see other children playing that way.  They might also stop because they are learning strong messages about what girls and boys are ‘supposed’ to do. 

If you are interested in this topic further we encourage you to visit the Level Playground website for more practical ideas and tips on how to raise children free from gender stereotypes.  It is aimed at early childhood/lower primary but has some great resources for all ages available.  Alternatively you can follow the Level Playground Instagram and Facebook accounts: 

Facebook: Level Playground

Instagram: level.playground

School Uniform

Wearing school uniform is compulsory and we ask that parents ensure that students are following our school policy and dress code which can be found below. If your child is out of uniform, teachers will send home a notice asking that your child wear correct uniform. If you are having difficulty providing school uniform for your child please do not hesitate to contact me.


Carol Wyatt  -  Assistant Principal