Student of the Week

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Monday 15th March 2021

Student GradeComments
Majd00AFor learning his letters, the sounds they make and words that begin with the letters. Fantastic job Majd!! 
Liam00BFor consistently demonstrating an improved commitment to his learning. Well done, Liam!
Amelia01ADisplaying a positive attitude towards her learning and trying her best during reading activities. Congratulations Amelia!
Isabel01BBeing an enthusiastic and self-motivated learner who always tries her best. Well done Isabel! You are a great role model for your peers!
Dylan02AConcentrating and putting in maximum effort on all tasks and asking questions when unsure. Keep up the great work Dylan. 
Mamasan02BListening to feedback and making improvements to her work from taking on board the feedback. Keep it up Mamasan! 
Jay03AFor challenging himself in all areas of the curriculum. He eagerly contributes to small group discussions and asks questions to confirm his understandings and learning. Continue your enthusiastic approach to learning Jay. Congratulations!
Tina03BFor displaying a love of learning and always putting in 100% effort. Keep it up Tina!
Chloe04A For demonstrating the value of Learning by having a focused and hard working mindset when completing all set tasks. Keep up the hard work!
Ethan04BFor listening to feedback from his teacher and using that feedback to improve his procedure writing about how to make a 'Chatterbox'. Great Job Ethan!

 For demonstrating his learning through his successful spelling tests. Aiden also showed his learning by successfully completing a level 2

 Place Value CAT and half of a Level 3 Place Value CAT. Well done Aiden, keep it up!

Hazel05A For having a positive attitude towards her learning during independent tasks and ensuring she is remaining focused at all times 
Phillip05BUsing text clues and your background knowledge to make important inferences in both non fiction and fiction texts. Well done Phillip! 
James06ADemonstrating his ability to focus on his learning by answering questions and being involved in learning opportunities everyday. You are a superpower in our classroom!  Keep up with your astronomical involvement in your learning.  Well done, James!
Zayan06BDemonstrating excellence and curiosity in learning by thinking critically, problem-solving, exploring strategies and sharing his understandings with others.
Alicia06C     Demonstrating her learning, by using her problem solving skills, to work with others to identify improvements that can be made to the school environment.