School-Wide Positive Behaviours – The Mackellar SWPBS!

The SWPBS is back! During Term 1, Mackellar will be relaunching our school values (LEARNING, RESPECT, RESILIENCE, TEAMWORK) and the SWPBS matrix with our school community.

We have a team within our school who are working towards making our school values known to our community, which includes both students, families and visitors. This will be achieved by reintroducing our values and the matrix to our students, who can then share it with you at home.

While you are watching our students receiving their Student of the Week awards at assembly via our YouTube channel each week, take notice of the school value that we are focussing on. 

What value do you think it will be next week?

Mackellar staff and students look forward to promoting and sharing our school values with all of our families over the year!