Meet the School Improvement team - 2021 



My name is Meghann Wurm, and I am the leader of the English Committee at Mackellar. The focus of the English committee’s work this year will be on continuing to develop schoolwide English curriculum documents, as well as refining and improving our teaching practices in English across the school. We will be working closely with English consultant, Stephen Graham, to engage in professional learning and build a shared understanding of the most effective teaching of English. Through this work, we will take a close look at our English resources across the school and work to enhance the broad range of high-quality teaching and learning resources we already have.



My name is Shelley Wockner, and I am the leader of the Mathematics committee at Mackellar Primary School. The committee’s key focusses this year will be to continue to develop and refine our mathematics practices to promote rich learning experiences that seek to develop deep student understanding. In order to achieve this, we will be assisted by mathematics consultant Kathryn Palmer who will be working with us to develop our shared pedagogical practices through professional readings, development of rich planning documents and by curating classroom environments that foster understanding and a love of mathematics.

Inquiry Learning. 


Hello Mackellar Community! 

I'm Gemma Matias and I'm the leader of the Inquiry Learning Committee this year. At Mackellar, we have students who excel in subjects across the curriculum - and I aim to target the needs of students who engage with innovative, hands on and creative practices. I am excited to let the community know that our school has recently built an outdoor learning (and sensory) space where we will work towards building real world knowledge amongst our students. I hope you’re all just excited as I am to use this fun and engaging space later this year! 



My name is Anthony Michielin and I am the leader of the Amplify Committee at Mackellar. The focus of the Amplify committee will be student agency, voice and leadership this year.

We will be running Buddy Grades across the school under the Alannah Madeline Foundation framework. The committee has plans to introduce Clubs at Mackellar for students to attend during lunchtimes at the start of Term 2. We will also be liaising with the Community Engagement committee for special school events.

Community Engagement 


My name is Brenda Elliott and I am the leader of the Community Engagement committee at Mackellar Primary. I’m excited to be working with the Mackellar community this year as we partner together to provide an education for your child. At Mackellar, we believe that parent input and involvement is vital in your child’s education. When we work as a team that includes parents, teachers, students and the community we will provide the best outcomes for all our students. We are looking forward to building partnerships within the Mackellar school community.

Staff  Wellbeing 


My name is Sally Wilson, and I am the Staff Wellbeing leader for 2021. Together with the Staff Wellbeing team, we work on ways to encourage a sense of community and provide school staff with opportunities to give feedback on any thoughts or concerns regarding work and how to improve it so that we can develop an inclusive culture, focused on connectedness and support for each other. School staff often juggle multiple tasks and demands, so a focus on staff wellbeing has become increasingly important in many workplaces, like Mackellar P.S.  Good staff wellbeing can have a number of benefits for a school and our first goal for term 1 is to make certain that staff feeling valued and supported.