What's happening in our classrooms 


It has been a very busy start to our school journey. We enjoy seeing all the smiling faces working hard in the classrooms. Students are learning school routines such as packing/unpacking their bags and lunchboxes and getting the correct equipment organised and ready for each lesson. 

Students have been working hard on learning to read and write letters and say the sounds that they make. They have learnt that when we blend the letter sounds together we can read words. 

During numeracy we have been learning to read daily schedules and follow routines. We have been learning to work with numbers up to 10. Some of the things we have been learning to do with numbers is read, recognise, represent and order them. 

We have also been learning about our wellbeing and being the best that we can be through the Resilience Project lessons. These include lessons on gratitude, emotional literacy, empathy and mindfulness.