Term 1, 2021 

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you back for 2021. We are excited to share the final year of the Year 6 students’ journey at Beaumaris North Primary School and support them in their transition to secondary school. 



Students will continue to read, interpret and respond to a wide range of literary and media texts in print and in multi-modal formats. They will analyse these texts and support interpretations with evidence drawn from the text. The children will use a range of approaches to spelling, applying morphemic knowledge and an understanding of visual and phonic patterns in line with the SMART Spelling approach. They will employ a variety of strategies for writing, including note-taking in their Writer’s notebook, using graphic organisers, planning, editing and proofreading.


Speaking and Listening

Students will prepare and deliver a speech in front of their class about a leader who they are inspired by and they will reflect on their own leadership traits. They will be assessed on the speaking and listening component of this learning task. Further information will be available on Compass.



Maths Groups

Maths will be taught in classes this year, with specific lessons targeted to the children’s needs within each mathematical concept. Our Term 1 focus is 'Number' including place value, the four processes, decimals, percentages and fractions.  Once a week we explore different Problem Solving strategies to enhance the students’ ability to interpret worded Mathematical problems:

  • Find a Pattern
  • Draw a Picture or Diagram
  • Make an Organised List
  • Make a Table
  • Work Backwards
  • Use Reasoning

Whole-school Focus on PYP learner Profile Attributes


February: Caring

March: Communicator



Homework is given out on a Monday and due back on a Friday. Homework tasks each week include SMART Spelling, Reading (min 20 minutes 3 nights per week) and Essential Assessment ‘My Numeracy’ tasks. The students should include details of Reading for the week, including book title, number of pages read and time spent reading in their home diary. Another compulsory component of Homework is to complete the ‘Wellbeing Tracker’ in the home diary, including daily mindfulness and physical activity. The home diary should be signed by a parent, acknowledging that the work is satisfactory and to the best of the child’s ability.


Units of Inquiry


Leaders possess unique qualities​


Lines of inquiry:

  • The meaning of leadership
  • Attributes of a good leader
  • Issues that inspire leaders
  • The ways we can demonstrate leadership at school and in the community



Present day cultures are influenced by cultures from the past


Lines of inquiry:

  • Events leading to Australia’s involvement in war since Federation
  • The changing face of Australian society throughout the 20th Century
  • Migration
  • The contribution of individuals and groups to the development of Australian society

Resilience Project focus

We continue to work through the Resilience Project lessons to build gratitude, empathy and mindfulness. Each day we encourage students to acknowledge three things they are grateful for! 😊