Years Five/Six News

We have had a brilliant start to the year in 5/6, where it has been evident that having the opportunity to wind down over the Summer holidays, has allowed the students to come back recharged and ready to learn!


Over the past two weeks, our focus has been setting the year up for success, by co-creating classroom agreements and getting ourselves in good habits for the year ahead.

The year 6s have been doing a wonderful job at welcoming their new foundation buddies, and ensuring that they are feeling safe and looked after, out in the yard. Last week, the 6s and their buddies were able to get together to complete an activity, and continue to build on their relationships.



In our Reader's Workshop sessions, students have been focusing on setting up good reading habits, and working on Showing, Not Telling in writing. In numeracy, we have been working on place value, where students have had the opportunity to work on their rounding and estimating. To finish off our unit, the students took place in an Escape Classroom activity, which allowed the students to work in groups and answer place value related questions and work as a team, to "Escape" the classroom.


A highlight for both the students and teachers has been Team Time. The opportunity for students to participate in team building activities, has allowed students to develop their problem solving skills, collaborate in different groups and work towards common goals, whilst having fun at the same time. So far, some of our activities have been Tallest Tower, Hula Hoop Challenge and Balloon Bop.