Classroom Stars and Achievers 

Please remember to send drink bottles and hats with your children every day


Stars of the Week

Nicholas M

For focusing on the task at hand (Miss Laura Room 1)

Ollie C

For always trying his best when completing learning tasks (Ellie Room 2)

Bonnie S 

For following expectations during workshops (Claire Room 3)

Logan B

For always giving his writing a red hot go!  (Miss Jew Room 4)

Seth C

For tackling everything that comes his way with 

enthusiasm (Miss Bigmore & Blair Room 5)

Bonnie H

For clearly and confidently explaining what she has been learning while working at 

home (Mr Mitchell Room 6)

Molly H

For demonstrating fabulous listening skills (Mrs Gear Room 9)

Ava D

For her persistence with developing her handwriting (Rick & Blair Room 10)


Outstanding Achievers

Tahlia J 

For sharing her home learning tasks with great pride during phone call 

check-ins (Kyra & Mr Searl Room 12)

Zahli C

For completing her reading journals to an exceptionally high standard. Keep up the great work, Zahli! (Miss Missen Room 13)

Nash Mc

For demonstrating improved focus in the classroom.  Keep up the wonderful 

effort! (Mrs Riddoch Room 14)

Hugh B

For completing his work to a high standard and keeping a positive attitude during the lockdown (Miss Allen Room 15)

Maddy F

For her positive approach to learning (Mrs Brown Room 16)

Hannah C

For demonstrating confidence when presenting her JSC speech (Mr Loader Room 17)

Brodie W

For persistently working through his tasks during remote learning (Miss Liv Room 18)

Liana de M

For her wonderful attitude to learning during remote learning (Miss J Room 19)



Poppy D Room 1 

For her wonderful efforts in PE when practising her over arm 

throw (Ms Wood & Katherine)

Lucas Q Room 15

For demonstrating excellent leadership in Performing Arts (Mrs Polson)

Nathan L Room 14

For his focus, persistence and enthusiasm when performing "Holiday Rhythms" using percussion instruments (Mrs Polson)