House Update



Hey all!


We have made such a spectacular start to this year with an incredible back to back victory at our annual House Swimming Carnival, firmly establishing Blackwood’s annual success in coming first at such a grand event. It was amazing to see everybody’s involvement, enthusiasm and dedication to our house. Although we did not come first on Athletic’s day, our energy and house-spirit were unrivalled, with everybody cheering passionately for their friends, participating in their track and field events and filling in for anyone in need. We could not be any more proud of everybody trying their best and having started the year on such a high note. 



We love to see everybody’s involvement, and look forward to seeing everybody putting their all into singing at House Chorals. We’re gonna smash it! We’re so excited and we can’t wait for you all to see our performance!


Luke Douglas, Year 12 B2 & Nadine Ayoub, Year 12 B8 (House Captains).




Hello Cottrell! 

This year has been an absolute banger so far, and we would like to issue a very BIG welcome back to you all, and an even bigger welcome to the new Cottrellians! We started this year off with a little extra flamboyance to the S-Wing, as some of you may have noticed. 



The team has also worked hard to produce the new Cottrell jerseys, which were causing some of our athletes to slip from dripping too hard. Thank you to Raymond Vuu for the remarkable design! In addition to our new year changes, our Chorals captain, Ojas wrote a new house chant. It’s fantastic how quickly our Cottrellians were able to pick it up.



Cottrell had a great Athletics Carnival as your massive sea of green wowed the judges winning first place in the House Fashions! Cottrell’s participation was outstanding to see throughout the whole event. A very special shoutout to Ksenia, Anhad, and Premika for together being 3 of the 8 champions for Athletics! 


Our new Cottrellians have made a phenomenal start to the school year, winning first place in the ‘Build a Bridge’ competition, as part of the Primus Program. We hope they have had an excellent first term on the SCHS journey. A massive shoutout to our newly elected Year 9 SRC Finlay Matlby, Cottrell’s newest leadership member!


Cottrell is yet to really show its true strength as a house with many more events to come, including Active April, Cross Country, and of course, Chorals, with our mass song - Coming Home by Sheppard.

We can’t wait to see what Cottrell will achieve! 


Forever Rising,

Your Cottrell Vice Captains,

Alex Jaison, Year 11 C7 & Carin Danial, Year 10 C8.





It has only been one term and Kororoit has already achieved so much! From our amazing participation during the Swimming Carnival, to taking the Win home from Athletics. Our fellow Kororoitians have shown unbelievable dedication and faith into one another and bounced back with our undying resilience. 


On the 25th of February, Kororoit students had the chance to participate in Athletics Day. We saw amazing results with several students breaking school records and some incredibly fast 4 x 100m relay teams from the year 9 girls to year 12 boys. The atmosphere was electric and with more people participating than ever before, our house banded together to compete and cheer on our friends. With this being the year 12s’ last Aths Day, taking home the win made it even more special! Great job Kororoit, let’s keep up the good work for the whole House Competition. (Sports Captain - Nathan Rhodes)


The House’s Performance at Athletics was a glistening sign of our perseverance and hard work! The Kororoit Leadership Team could not be prouder and know that the house has the resolve to continue this determination throughout the rest of the year. 



To Rothwell, Blackwood and Cottrell, it is a pleasure to have you guys as competition! You make it intense yet enjoyable. Our house spirit as a whole has been rejuvenating and commences a fresh start to the House Program! All the best for the rest of the year, we’re not going to go easy on you :) 


A quick message from Jennie Kong, our Initiatives Captain. “Thank you to everyone who bought the chocolate roses for Valentines’ Day! It was great to see the stall having another year of success yet again and our roses were sold out so quickly, especially on the last day! All of the funds received have been donated to the Heart Foundation thanks to everyone’s support and it was great to see people having fun with reading the cute messages that were given along with the roses during homegroup. Overall it was a nice day to spread some positivity and love!” 


In the coming months, Kororoit will be participating in events such as the Premier’s Active April Challenge and Cross Country. We look forward to seeing everyone involved and enjoying themselves while earning some cheeky House Points. On another note, Chorals has kickstarted and our mass singing is well underway. We have also commenced rehearsals for the other components of Chorals such as Small Choir, Instrumental Ensemble, Solo performances and Chorals Art. Kororoit is extremely excited to see the many achievements come through and anticipate the final result! Hope you all have a restful break and prepare for another term of fun!  


Signing off, 

The Kororoit Leadership Team :).



Hey Rothwellians, it’s your captains, Sweet and Sour! We just wanted to quickly say congratulations on all your achievements this term! You guys have been absolutely smashing it and we couldn’t be prouder to be the captains of such an enthusiastic house. Your cooperative nature and willing to always do your best honestly make our jobs so much easier and for that, we are so grateful. As the term comes to a close, Rothwellians we just wanted to say KEEP BEING YOU, because no one does it quite like you. Have an amazing holiday you beautiful people!


A big congratulations to all Rothwellians for coming second at BOTH swimming and athletics. Thank you so much for all the participation and house spirit we saw whether it was competing in 5 events, being a student helper or even cheering on your fellow Rothwellians. Special shoutouts to Matthew Young, Aiden Coloma, Preneet Kaur, Sanya Patel, Stella Soesanto, Mohammed Hanif, Jiamei Li, Frederick Collard, Sebastian Collard and Claire Wong for your participation in swimming, as well as Aden Charles, Preneet Kaur, Minna son, Sanya Patel, Anjana George, Melissa Xavier, Manya Arya, Riaff Mollah, Patrick Nguyen and Erin Covelli and the year 10 girls relay team your participation in athletics!


Let’s carry that enthusiasm into chorals!


Sandy Pereea, Year 12 R9 & Sahithya Kandaiah, Year 12 R4 (House Captains).

Melissa Xavier, Year 10 R8 & Manya Arya Year 10 R9 (House Vice Captains).