Specialist Program

Music- Justin Hall

This first term has seen Upper Primary students explore the keyboard, guitar, percussion and singing.  Students have been working hard on the song 'Memories' by Maroon 5 as their first ensemble song.

Art - Vera Mitchell

The focus this term for upper primary students has been Indigenous art. We have look at symbols and how these tell a story.


P.E- Hayley Northridge

This term the P.E program has provided students to further develop their fundamental motor skills by working in pairs, individually and in teams. Throughout the term the students also worked on good sportsmanship and the skills required to be successful in team game situations.

The Upper Primary students focussed on cricket this term. They worked on their individual skills which were then used in a range of circuit activities.


Food Technology

This Term, students have been learning about healthy food choices and referring to the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. We have made some delicious snack foods such as fruit salad and yoghurt, dips and vegetable sticks and have designed their own salad. There has been a lot of discussion about ideas for healthy snacks and lunch items they could bring to school. Students have loved making and trying different foods.


Jane Stacey

Learning Specialist